The Party Hub

This is the party hub! Enjoy some of our favourite past parties that we’ve thrown for the boys. They’re all easy birthday parties to throw at home – and are my most favourite to plan. We’ve had the so many Disney Parties including a Moana Party, Toy Story Party, Woody’s Wild West BBQ Party, a Frozen Party, a Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party, A Disney Pixar’s UP! party…and a Peter Pan Neverland Party too! We’ve had other non-Disney parties of course…and our favourite so far from those has been their Mario Bros Party featuring Yoshi’s Wooly World.

Disney’s Maui and Moana Party

Ever since we saw the film, out boys have worshipped Maui from Disney’s Moana – and chose it as their joint birthday theme that year- so it was more of a Disney’s Maui Party for boys than a Moana one- you know, more manly. Haha. We had grass skirt table decorations, tattooed mache letters, kakamora cake pops and personalised Hei Hei cookies too – it was SO much fun. Disney were so lovely as always and sent us a HUGE box of Moana merchandise to make everything look as perfect as any demi-god would want. Our Moana and Maui Birthday Party Video is encapsulated all of the fun we had that day – the weather was amazing and we partied outdoors on the local Scouting field with bouncy castles and lots of room to run about – Maui Time!

Birthday parties to throw at home - Collage of images from Disney's Moana and Maui Party showing polynesian decoration, Maui's Demi God Fish hook and party treats including kakamora and Maui tattoo cake pops and other Disney merchansise.

Mario Bros Party – Yoshi’s Wooly World

Mario birthday party to throw at home - Collage of Mario Party images showing a two tiered birthday cake featuring Nintendo's Yoshi's Wooly World characters including the purse crabs, a large blue yoshi cake with happy birthday candles in, and yarn balls in rainbow colours as decorations. Mario and Princess Peach snack boxes and Rice Krispie Treats covered in sprinkles with an Amibo on the table next to them.

The Nintendo themed Mario and Yoshi party was so much fun to plan – we had a Yoshi cake made to look like a Yoshi who had eaten a bit too much cake, and a beautiful Mario cake featuring the much loved purse crabs from the game Yoshi’s Wooly World. On the menu were moustache sandwiches and crackers inside Mario and Peach snack boxes, little tins of popcorn and at the end of the party each guest took him and adopted a little Yoshi of their own. This was the most colourful of our birthday parties to throw at home that we’ve had by far – so many little details went into making it a fun day to remember!