Photography is my favourite form of expression.  What I can’t say with words, I can show with a photograph.  I photograph and edit the way that I see my world.  I began learning how to photograph in 2013 on a Nikon DS3200 and upgraded to my current camera, the D750 just before visiting Photokina last year in Cologne.  I shoot with Prime Lenses only as shown below and I have 3 lenses on my wishlist.

This is my camera bag – it’s from Manfrotto and I couldn’t have kept everything safe and together in our house without it.  It’s tough wearing, easy to carry and stores everything – even enough clothes for a weekend, which means when I travel for press trips by air, I don’t need to be parted from my cameras.manfrotto national geographic camera bag

Probably every accessory I own that I actually use on a regular basis is from JOBY.  These are the ones I use most often, and they’re brilliant.  I have a teeny green Gorillapod that I bought in 2008 thinking it was just a fad – and it’s still with me today, although now I prefer the big Gorillas.  JOBY GORILLAPOD

a – Griptight Pro Telepod – This is the BEST.  It’s like a giant selfie stick that turns into a telepod too.  I take this everywhere.

b – Gorillapod Rig – Grip it, wrap it, stand it – this can go anywhere – and with two little arms for a light and microphone, it’s very impressive.

c – Gorillapod Mobile Rig – the mobile toting brother of the Rig above, it holds everything safely, wherever I’ve popped the rig.

d – JOBY Ultrafit Sling Strap – Oh, how this made my life much easier.  Not having to haul my strap on and off my shoulder every time I wanted a photo, and this holds my camera steady to my body when I need to move fast.  I love, love, LOVE this strap.  No more neck strain.

e – GripTight POV Kit – This is our boys’ favourite – and on days when it’s just you and your little phone, it’s fantastic for keeping fingers out of the way of the lens and for us, minimises the risk of dropping it too.