4 Ways to Make Your Holiday Fun (and Educational!)

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Some families like to take their kids on holiday and just escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, planning a family holiday is not just about booking a destination and accommodation but we should think about creating those lasting memories and experiences that provide enrichment. And this is where fun, combined with education, could make all of the difference. Let’s show you some solutions.

Corfe Castle

The Right Educational Hot Spots

Selecting a destination that combines entertainment with education is the first and most essential step. Locations that are not just full of history, culture and natural wonders but actually provide an amazing family experience can make the connection between education a lot more prominent. For example, there are many Stonehenge tours that can provide fascinating insights into the mystery of the Stonehenge stones. When you incorporate these types of sites into your holiday package, you will all gain a deeper appreciation of the past and different cultures.

Opt for Interactive Activities

When kids say they are bored, we can feel the dread that comes with keeping them occupied. An excellent itinerary should include interactive activities that will cater to family members’ interests as well as their learning styles. For example, if you’re venturing to South Wales, the Techniquest Centre is an amazing science centre providing hands-on experiences that will make learning enjoyable for children and adults! You could also look for guided tours or workshops that prioritise active participation. When kids are interacting with learning materials, they will retain the information better, and this will make a massive impact on the quality of the holiday.

Embracing Local Traditions

You could very well be taking a trip a few miles down the road, but there is a world of opportunity there. We should encourage curiosity regardless of the culture by attending local events or just going for the food on offer. Cultural immersion is an excellent way to provide an educational layer to a family holiday. Sometimes we can feel that our kids should just eat all the things we know are bad for them when on holiday, but while holidays are times for eating junk food, if we can get the balance right, everyone will feel better because they’re being nourished with good nutritious food as well.

Incorporating Educational Games

Another way to help kids learn is to make it enjoyable by adding something like a scavenger hunt. If you’re going somewhere like Stonehenge, you can organise a scavenger hunt to uncover some amazing facts about the site, and this will turn the visit into an engaging adventure.

While holidays can be amazing adventures without being educational, sometimes getting the blend just right can result in an even more wonderful family experience. When we combine the simple notion of adventure with the topic of learning, it’s not just an opportunity for personal growth for the kids, but it also means that the entire family can benefit from time away from our normal lives, which can solidify bonds and create a foundation for curiosity and discovery for a whole lifetime.

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