Hey! My name is Sara-Jayne and I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m the creator of this blog, Sara-Jayne. Wife to tabletop game addict Gavin and Mom to three boys who are growing up fast.  I’m also a zookeeper of Siberian Huskies, rats, chameleons…and anything else that crawls into our home in Hampshire, England. 

Career wise, I’m a former insolvency lawyer turned primary school teacher and now photographer with a passion for making everything neat and pretty.  I spend my days between school runs trying to convince my husband that we can afford the Disney trips, making fun food, dreaming up parties and crafts, and trying to make my boys’ lives as colourful as possible before they grow up and only come home with their laundry and to raid the pantry – so grab a cup of tea and join me – let’s have some fun, let’s be friends!


Some of my favorite things