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Nanny Plum, The Wise Old Elf, King Thistle and the Marigolds – these are all characters who have invaded my mornings for the past four years at least – and I haven’t minded one bit.  Best friends Ben Elf and Fairy Princess Holly live in the Little Kingdom and with a little ladybird called Gaston, enjoy growing up together and getting into and out of mischief as they live their respective lifestyles.

Ben and Holly Magical Playset Little Kingdom

This week the boys [we said this was Hero’s toy, but the pull of Ben and Holly was just too much for Lyoto to stay away from] had fun playing with two of the Ben and Holly Playground sets by Character Options.  They’re very similar to the Peppa Pig sets that were released in 2012, and collectable as a set.  The boys loved playing with them – but here’s what I thought as a mom and consumer…

We Love…

That they look exactly as they should – bright and vibrant, and as though a piece of the Little Kingdom is in our home.
The slide actually works. We have three toys that I can immediately think of with slides that do not, well, slide. Holly slips along the leaf very easily.
We Wish…
That there was a Ben character or another friend of Holly’s instead of just Holly – or at least two characters per set.
Holly’s lower body and feet were big enough to support her in standing.
It was easier to fir Holly’s little feet into the merry-go-round – and stay there. It’s pretty fiddly and exasperating when she falls out on the first turn.
That there was a little handle to wind the merry-go-round. Pushing it simply makes the little Holly figure fall from the seating.
That there were a few accessories with the sets too – that would increase the engagement time.
Would I buy them?  Very probably.  My boys are huge fans of the show and love pretending that they have their own Little Kingdom. I do personally feel that they would be better priced at around £7.50 though.

We were provided with the playsets in return for an honest review.

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