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Friday Favourites Le Creuset Cath Kidston Laura Ashley Yankee Candle

It’s my birthday next week which means that my lovely family have been asking me what’s on my wish list, or whether they should surprise me.  Thanks to my ear issues, I can’t balance and so I can’t drive – which means that I’ve been away from any shopping centre since January when I was in Scotland.  Gav is delighted by that – and I’m pretty sure our bank manager is too as we actually have money left at the end of this month, haha 🙂  As I was having a little nosey online I realised that I haven’t done any Friday Favourites posts for so long – and so here’s my first for this year.  I always seem to gravitate towards nautical, coastal, seaside-items and I fell instantly in love with today’s seven choices!

  1.  Sea Birds Bag from Cath Kidston – There are three different bags available and this one was the quirkiest.  I love Cath Kidston [and was surprised with a gorgeous Mickey Mouse apron this week from the very lovely Mel at Le Coin de Mel !]
  2. Le Creuset Shallow Casserole Pot in Cotton – I love Le Creuset cookware and a shallow casserole is something I don’t have.  It’s virtually impossible to destroy a Le Creuset pan and I’d quite like one of these so that Gav doesn’t keep complaining that I am going to ruin his covered pan.  The cotton colour goes with everything in my kitchen, it’s beautiful.
  3. Dress, Laura Ashley  – Before I was a mom, I used to collect nearly every beautiful Laura Ashley dress I saw.  I haven’t bought one in years, and this one is very coastal and gorgeous.
  4. Storm Lamp – I am SO ready to be outside and sitting in the garden [when it’s tidied] in the evenings.  I’ve been after one of these since last year and this is the year that one is going to grace our table.
  5. Crab Trivet, Laura Ashley – If you know me, you know my love of anything that’s tableware with a crab or lobster on it.  I’ve hinted at my mom about this for my birthday, haha.  It will look perfect on the table outdoors in BBQ season!
  6. Harbourside Tea Towel Set, Laura Ashley – The matching crab trivet tea towels in a set of three.  Lyoto decided to mop up the orange paint that he’d gotten all over the living room floor with our lovely white waffle tea towels this week and so we need replacements, and these are all quite different yet coordinated and will match my crab trivet.
  7. Yankee Candle Sea Air – I love the seasonal fragrances from Yankee Candle and I had a beach one last year that I adored and then they stopped making it.  I’m on the hunt for a new fresh smell for our living room and this sounds perfect.  I need to get to West Quay to have a sniff!

That’s it for Friday Favourites this week – happy weekend shopping!

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  1. That dress! All the heart eyes for that one. It’s coastal look is perfect for spring and summertime when I will be spending as much time as possible at the beach.

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