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After a truly peaceful night in the Glisten dome, we decided to take a tour of Old Sarlat.  Since beginning to study photography, it sounds so clichéd to say, but everywhere appears more beautiful now – colours, light, natural composition – and Old Sarlat, especially after buckets of rain, was exquisitely beautiful.
We drove down to the old town and parked for a wander about.  It was a trip full of history, and visible tragedy as we sighted bullet holes in buildings…
Our boys did their best to be silent and peaceful, as the lit candles and prayed – Jensen that he could be a friend of Jesus – and Lyoto that he could really be Luigi from the Mario Brothers [At least he’s honest].
On the streets we found twisty streets peppered with galleries of beautiful artwork and picturesque spots for delicious outdoor dining…
…and finally we found ice cream and slushies.  Glaces avec grandpère.

Someone was slightly worried his ice cream was going to be stolen by naughty Granny.

It was raining by the time we arrived back at the Glisten domes, and the boys played inside whilst waiting for it to pass, and for us to hit the pool – and one of the reasons we loved the domes so much is that despite the weather, the boys still had space to run about indoors whilst still feeling like they were outdoors.

If you’re thinking of glamping this year, Glisten have 15% off Summer bookings at the moment – perfect for those of us with little ones in need of some sunshine!  We’re making some little video clips of life in one of the domes at the moment – keep watching our YouTube channel for them!

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