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We didn’t get to spend Christmas Day with my parents, but we did get to spend New Year’s Day with them – and in true English style, we loaded the bikes into the car and headed out for some New Year fresh air, when the skies opened.

As cabin fever had firmly set in at home, we decided it was far better to brave the rain than three boys who thought they were getting out but then never did – and so ignoring the rain [or trying to] we toddled off around Hursley, absorbing raindrops as we went.   Naturally I was only wearing a cardigan, but thankfully it was my Salt Rock hoodie and nothing is getting through that wooly number. It’s gorgeous.
The boys pedalled around, Lyoto delighted that he can at last pedal himself along with gusto, and Jensen blissfully ignorant of the soaking wet situation whilst Baby Hero splish-splashed about with Grandad in the puddles.






I think this photograph is my favourite, below.  I love happy photos of my parents.



We lured them home with the promise of hot chocolate and cookies after about an hour – and a game of Pie Face to boot.  Happy New Year.  Christmas recaps and our trip report from Glisten Camping in France coming this month!

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  1. It's been really rainy and this does look like a soggy new year but your pictures are amazing and capture the weather so well and I love the shots of your son in his coat. They are lovely. Angela from Daysinbed

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