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raw vegetable rice cake snacks st.patrick leprechaun
Leprechaun Rice Cakes – A Healthier Snack for St. Patrick’s Day


Enjoy our Leprechaun Raw Vegetable Rice Cakes! I’m trying to get our family to eat less meat and more vegetables. Vegetables are probably my most favourite food – I’ll even eat them for breakfast – but I don’t eat a lot of raw vegetables if I’m honest.

We’re trying hard to encourage the boys to eat more vegetables in ANY form – and getting them to eat means making it fun and getting them involved. This St. Patrick’s Day we tried making our own little mischievous Dublin the Leprechaun Raw Vegetable Rice Cakes. Food with a face seems to be popular and as we’re about to fall into Easter pretty soon, I’m trying my best to get them to realise how good vegetables really are.

It’s worth saying that although there are many delicious and fresh, tasty offerings in the shops, there are some pretty tasteless vegetables out there – I’m constantly appalled at the fruit and vegetables that are delivered and then offered to our kids in school for snack time. Yes, they’re free, but boy, they’re disgusting – sweaty, over ripe and often sat in a box surrounded by moulding ones until the poor teacher has to sort them out. It’s gross. Still keep getting put out in the snack bowls in classrooms. Telling kids that this is the way fruit and vegetables look and taste puts them off horribly. Anyway, off my soap box.

What I’m saying is, make sure you shop around and taste them before you give them to your kids. Check your carrots are crunchy and not bendy, and that your lettuce isn’t damp. If it doesn’t appeal to you, it’s really not going to be looking good to them.


If I serve raw vegetables, they look at me like I’m crazy. If I serve raw vegetables in a cute way, they’re more likely to try it – but if I let THEM make a meal with vegetables themselves, I have more of a chance that they might take a little nibble and find out they like something they didn’t before. So I’m trying to be calm. Trying.


The ingredients for the Leprechaun Rice cakes – except for the sugar eyes!
Leprechaun snacks
Our Leprechauns were happy to be snacks – at least one of them was…
A fun way to get your kids to eat more raw vegetables – our hands-on St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Rice Cakes!


Leprechaun Rice Cakes Step One
Getting to work on the rice cakes by spreading the hummus

I set the ingredients for the Leprechaun Raw Vegetable Rice Cakes out on the table with the Child Safety Knives and told them they didn’t have to eat any of it if they didn’t want to [whilst praying they would].

Leprechaun pepper hats
After the face, they made the hats, and stuck buckles on with hummus!
Leprechaun Raw Vegetable Rice Cakes
You can make all kinds of Leprechauns – just make sure your vegetables are fresh and flavoursome!

A few minutes later, they were ready for eating – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Leprechaun Raw Vegetable Rice Cakes snacks
Ready to be eaten – cheeky leprechaun rice cakes!

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  1. How could anyone resist a recipe entitled LEPRECHAUN RAW VEGETABLE RICE CAKES? What fun! And healthy to boot. Thank you.

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