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BizzyBubs Gracie

This week we’ve been playing with dolls!  The boys had no idea before they [the bigger two] started school that boys were not “supposed” to play with dolls, and so at home we think of them as gender neutral, if you will.  A baby is a baby, and babies are born to, and cared for by, men and women every day.  I’m keen to encourage them to play with dolls whenever I can. I’m not saying playing with dolls leads to being a great father, but at least I’m putting in their brains very clearly the fact that caring for, and loving, and playing with, babies is not just a woman’s prerogative.

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So, Gracie arrived this week – a Little Live Bizzy Bub.  There are a few different Little Live Bizzy Bubs with their little playsets in the range to choose from – we have Gracie, who arrived with her cute crib.  Hero renamed Gracie as Kevin and wouldn’t hear a word about it.  So Kevin it is.

Gracie [Kevin] is a little pink haired baby with a candy striped nappy, and pink accessories including a cute little crib of her very own, a bottle and pacifier.  She’s a bouncing baby and waves her arms to propel her as she gurgles.

The boys took no time at all to figure out how to work Gracie and they thought she was perfect.  They adore the Little Live toys as a whole, and having a little gurgling person to play with fascinated them.  They were even more impressed when they discovered that the batteries were in her head, like a brain. Haha.

Bizzy Bubs Gracie Cute Crib

Little Live Bizzy Bubs say: Gracie is a busy bundle of joy – shes always bouncing about. Full of life and personality, she can’t wait to play and show you what she can do! Thank goodness she has her cute crib to rest in. It’s the perfect place to dream about being a beautiful ballerina.

Bizzy Bubs are on the go! These little bundles of joy are way too busy for bedtime! Full of life and personality they can’t wait to play and show you what they can do! Gracie talks and bounces like a real baby! Watch her bounce up and down in her crib! Listen to her make adorable baby sounds. Pop in her pacifier and put her to sleep in her crib when she’s sleepy and feed her with her bottle when she’s hungry.

Includes: 1 x baby, 1 x bottle, 1 x pacifier, 1 x crib, 1 x instruction booklet

Bizzy Bub Gracie

Gracie is really cute and the boys think she’s brilliant.  They love that they can put her to sleep in her crib and wake her up to play.  Hero loves watching Gracie wave her little arms up and down, and putting her pacifier in for her – probably because he never had one, he’s curious about them.  They love the gurgling and the way Gracie goes to sleep. She’s very sturdy too, which is fantastic with the boys.

So, to get Gracie to work, her nappy button is key.  Press it once to see her bounce and gurgle, or press it three times to hear her laugh – that’s the equivalent of tickling her.  When you think she needs a rest, pop her pacifier in her mouth and lie her in her crib to hear her suck the pacifier and go to sleep.  It’s adorable.

Gracie could sit, or move her legs and arms.  She’s cute, but other than pressing her little button, there’s not much room for play except to lie her down.

That the pacifier wasn’t so hard to get into Gracie’s mouth for little fingers, it needs quite a bit of a push to go in.

That there was a little blanket in her crib or a little toy for her.

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Gracie Little Live Bizzy Bub

Our boys received Gracie to review and I was compensated for my time in writing this post.  All opinions are mine and the boys.

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