So, My Blog Header Will Need Re-Doing Then…Our Secret is Out!

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We’ve kept it under our hats (or rather, my coat) for quite a while but at last our secret is out…

We’re pregnant!

Our third, already very cherished, little one, due at the end of June, is an international traveller having been with us to Walt Disney World, Florida this Summer, and is treating me very kindly so far.  Morning sickness stopped just after 13 weeks, my back was bad but seems to be recovering well (and is soon headed for physiotherapy), I’ve had very little heartburn, and at our scan the little one was very well behaved (very unlike both boys) and stayed still for the sonographer.

A few days after our scan we were contacted by the hospital to invite us to talk about our scan results as we presented an increased risk of Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), and after reviewing our results we decided against any invasive testing as it poses a very small risk of miscarriage.  Our pregnancy is consultant led this time on account of my pre-eclampsia last time, my blindness after birth both times, my chronic pleurisy and the fact both boys have been nearly 10lbs.

We decided to wait until Christmas Day to tell Jensen about his new baby, and he’s so full of love.  He talks very excitedly about his new baby every day; he already has names picked out and can’t wait for the Summer when he can hold his new baby.  He’s even drawn pictures of me with his new baby waiting to come out, which melt my heart, and which I’ve saved in the baby book as his treasure.

Each of our little bundles has had an in-utero name; Jensen was Bubba J, Lyoto was The Little Blue Seahorse…and this one?  The Crazy Prawn.  Blame the mister.

18 weeks in and probably at least another 23 to go as both boys were 9 days overdue… I can’t wait for my huge bump to appear!  This baby is so loved and only the size of a regular sweet potato…grow strong, little one.  We love you.


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