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So here in the UK, the Summer holiday has finally arrived WITH sunshine, and we did have a bucket list of sorts.  Here are the 20 things we wanted to do this summer!  Some are mine, some are the boys’.  That accounts for some of them looking a little less fun and a little more odd.  Mine are mainly to do with the house, and the boys are all about the fun and the next four weeks they have stretched ahead of them.  What they don’t know is that we ARE going camping at the end of the holiday [please let the weather hold out] and we’re so excited, especially as it’s to a place we’ve been and stayed at twice before and absolutely LOVE.  It will be our first time camping as a family and not as Beaver Scouts.  I’m more than a little worried as we have nothing at all yet ready for it except for some marshmallows and sticks – but at least we have them ready, right?  Happy summer holidays!

Summer Bucket List 2018

  1. Go Crabbing
  2. Campfire Apple Pies and S’mores
  3. A day at the beach with fish and chips
  4. Visit Paulton’s Park
  5. Picnic in the New Forest
  6. Switch Bedrooms with the boys
  7. Empty the garage of things we don’t need
  8. Empty the loft of things we don’t need
  9. See Incredibles 2
  10. See Hotel Transylvania 3
  11. Backyard BBQ
  12. Plant something pretty in the back garden
  13. Help Jensen love maths again
  14. Visit a PYO Farm
  15. Go rock pooling
  16. Go swimming
  17. Go camping
  18. A Tiger Came To Tea Trail at National Trust
  19. Sort the boys’ toys out
  20.  Redecorate the pantry

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