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This is our second post as Parragon Book Buddies and when we discovered the title contained in the parcel that was making its way to us through the mail, I became all nostalgic with the boys.  Hans Christian Anderson are essentially, in my very humble opinion, the stories that the best bedtimes are made of.  This book contains 256 pages, created for parents who love telling bedtime tales, and children who love snuggling in pyjamas and listening intently.

I was completely unaware that Hans Christian Andersen wrote The Little Mermaid – although I knew he had written most of my favourites as a child; The Snow Queen and the Steadfast Tin Soldier included.  Yet my favourite has to be The Ugly Duckling.  I love the tale on so many levels and hope that my boys grow to feel the same.

Released this month, the storybook is beautifully created with the most enchanting purple hardback cover.  The illustrations are just exquisite and this is truly a book we will treasure as a family for years to come.

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