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After writing about my poor crumbling emotions whilst making felt cookies this week, we made a little tutorial to go with it.  I’m awful at sewing and even I managed to make these…and what’s even better is I made 24 of them for £4!  Budget friendly toys!
Here we go…
Step One: Cut and collect.  I traced around a spice jar lid originally and then decided to go freehand.  Cookies are never perfect!  Choose a size you like.  Then collect your sprinkles and cut your frosting or icing the way you like it.
Step Two:  Sprinkle Pretty.  The needles I bought were too big to go through the bead sprinkles  so I glued mine.  If you have little ones who will eat the beads, get back to the shop and buy thinner needles.
Step Three:  Stitch Up!  I used (and had to learn) blanket stitch.  It was easy even though I made a few mistakes.  Again, no one likes perfect cookies 😉
Step Four:  Stuff With Fluff.  A little fluff into your cookies to give some volume and then seal up.
Step Five:  Present your cookies!
So easy. Honestly.  They took about an hour to make 24 and they are so well loved already!
If you make any, we’d love to see them!
You can find our little tutorial posted on our Pinterest board, too.
You can click the image to go to our board.

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