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Happy New Year, everyone!  I’m thinking of ten resolutions [so I have a shot at seeing one through] and feeling yucky thanks to the Christmas bugs we’ve all carried.  Our wish is for health and happiness this year as a family – and on a personal note I took part in Eli Coach Daddy’s six words – see if you can spot my wish!

Do you make resolutions?  Any unusual ones?  The mister thinks I’m crazy for making them, but I love it. Am I alone?

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  1. Sara-Jayne – Happy New Year! Thanks for taking part in the six words, and for the shout-out here. I'm resolving to be more aware of where I am when I'm there – I know that sounds vague, but I hope it will help me focus on work, give all I can to my family, and strengthen relationships I have everywhere.

  2. I didn't make any official resolutions this year other than trying to eat healthier. I would love for my family to eat more 'real' food over processed food. I am finding though that it does take a lot of prep time! But I totally understand making 10 with the hope of seeing them through.

  3. Oh wow, ten resolutions sounds like a ton! I usually don't make new years resolutions because I feel like the majority of the world never follows through on them. I've got vague ideas in my head of what I want to get accomplished this year- maxing out my IRA contribution and tons of work on my blog- but those are everyday things that I think about!

  4. My resolutions for 2015 would be to be more healthy, more active, more organized, do more what of what I love, expand my horizons, experience new adventures, spend more time with family, open my perspective, clean more and to keep everything where its supposed to be. Wow there I already have 10 and I feel like there are just so many more things I can do..well resolutions are anticipated goals but I feel like I can never fully accomplish them all.

  5. I make resolutions and for the past (I don't know how long) years, they have centered on health, fitness and weight loss. This year, for the first time ever, I don't have to because I started my healthy plan this summer and I'm very close to hitting my personal goal, as opposed to just starting it in the New Year. Anyhow, I would like to plan on being more productive in work, and focused. I am self-employed, so sometimes I get lost in the flexibility of it all…and the distractions. Also, getting my driver's license this year wouldn't be so bad. That's a usual Resolution that never gets fulfilled.

  6. I stop making resolution and starting making goals I wanted to work on throughout the year. That way I don't feel bad when they're not done.. However, I've carried over most of the same ones I had last year.. continue to lose weight and eat healthy.. I want to save more money for my first car.. and a down payment on a place to live.. To be happy no matter what happens.. I really want 2015 to be an awesome happy year unlike 2014 which ended with a divorce.. haha

  7. Happy New Year. I can not believe that it is 2015 already so crazy how fast time flies by. I have so many goals for 2015 i'm not even sure where to start. For one I'm starting a new business so my goals might be a little high but i'm so looking forward to what it will bring.

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