Review: Lizi’s Granola (Pecan and Treacle)

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Breakfast this morning was delicious.  The lovely people at Lizi’s Granola sent us me some of their pecan and treacle mix to try. Thinking this might be something that I would enjoy myself, and would make a delightful change to my regular cereal (or lack of cereal most mornings), I perched on the fraction of the sofa that Excalibur the husky wasn’t happily settled on and began raising a spoonful to my mouth.  That was where it all went very wrong indeed.
“Momma, what IS that in your bowl?” inquired our Little Adventurer.
“Just granola for Momma’s breakfast.” I nonchalantly replied.
“Like our snacks?” (sidling in beside me)
“Sort of….”
“Momma, I LIKE granola.”
“Do you want some of Momma’s?”
“Ah-hm. You don’t mind?”
“I don’t mind.*sigh*”

…and I never got more than three mouthfuls.  Then when Baby Dragon spied what was going on, it got very messy indeed.  The word, “OM!” was shouted a great deal.

Lizi’s Granola was SO good.  Fresh, crunchy, nutty and warmly delicious.  Full of jumbo rolled oats, what comes out of the packet actually represented the promotional picture.  This is hands down the best granola I’ve eaten.  Thank you, Lizi’s Granola. My only hope is that the low GI value of the granola means they won’t try and munch my second bowl, too….

It’s £3.65 for 400g and superb value.  My advice?  Buy some and hide it.  Squirrel it like Ice Age Scrat guards his acorns.  The first rule of Lizi’s Granola should be that no Momma talks about it.  The second rule, well, you get the idea.  This stuff is for Mommas. Back off.

We loved reviewing your granola, Lizi.  Even the packaging is beautiful, and my husband loves that you can reseal the bag to keep it fresh.  I only have one  request. Please, please make some chocolate orange granola (I have a thing for chocolate and oranges together) because I know if you made it, it would be a-mazing…and you’d have an even more dedicated granola customer for life…with a few hungry sidekicks.

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