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Surprises are very few and far between when you’re a grown up.  So when I read the message from Twinderelmo at 8am yesterday, reading “Huge congrats”, I assumed she was just being as lovely as usual and congratulating me on my Slimming World progress.  I wrote back that I was so shocked as I expected to gain this week and then the penny dropped for her that I had no idea what on earth she was talking about.

I didn’t.

She then posted me a link and I physically did a little dance in the bedroom – because – wait for it… Oh, no, wait – you’ve already read the title of the post. I was nominated – and shortlisted!  I had no idea whatsoever.  Not a clue.  With three boys of nearly 2 [read: heading for terrible twos at quite a pace] 4 and 6 [read: running backwards and forwards to school and preschool every 2-3 hours] I’m generally behind with news in the blogging world until around 11pm at night when I’m trying to eat my dinner, edit and tip tap out a post before Hero decides he needs more cuddles.

We’ve been shortlisted in the Family category – and I am so, so beyond humbled, honoured and very, very flattered.  I love our blog because it’s very much a part of our family – and I love that I can share our lives with other people the way that I’ve enjoyed reading other blogs for years.
I’m not the best at self promotion and so this will be the only post that I write about it.  I’ve asked my family to vote for me – and my Mom quipped that there were so many great blogs she wasn’t sure who to choose [bad mother] – and I’m just delighted to have made the list.  It really is a huge honour and I’m just over the moon.
To whomever you are, thank you from the bottom of my heart for nominating me.  I’m so happy – and so hopeful – that people truly do enjoy reading our blog and looking at our photographs of life in our family.
Congratulations to everyone who was nominated for the awards – and especially those who are in the “Family” category with me! If you would like to vote for us, we’re category 13 on this form, near the bottom – or you can click the badge in this post!  All it takes is your name, email and a click in a box.


Thank you.  Thank you so much.  We’ve linked up to Pick n’ Mix this week to share our excitement!

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  1. Congratulations and what a huge and well-deserved honor! I'm sure it was such an exciting moment for you as it's always so nice to receive recognition for all the hard work that goes into blogging!

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