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Welcome to our 2018 Christmas Gift Guide!  This year we’ve decided to feature some of the ideas we were sent that we fell in love with and which we would send [and have sent] to our friends and family – hopefully you can find something in here too! This is our Christmas Gift Guide for Him 2018.


I had no idea that men’s socks could be so luxurious – or presented so exquisitely – until the London Sock Co were kind enough to send a set of three for Gav this year.  They are the softest, smartest, most perfect socks we’ve ever seen [and I’ve seen quite a few socks with four boys in the house] and now Gav wants more of them.  I won’t let him wear them until Christmas day because they’re so special – and there are so many colours to choose from instead of the normal joyless colours on the market for men.  The London Sock Co believe that their socks are a way of life – and you will too when you try them on!
Second on our list is the Klean Kanteen.  If the man in your life is as fussy over what he takes his lunch to work in, then this is the gift for you.  It’s stylish, minimalist and I would absolutely, without a doubt take it for myself if he hadn’t seen it before me. Klean Kanteen have everything for drinking in the great outdoors with style.


maki staki

We’re huge fans of board games in our house and this year our collection has grown nearly out of control – and we love finding new, fun ones to play that the boys can join in with.  Maki Staki is a fun, sushi themed game from Ginger Fox – you need to collect sets of sushi cards to make your Maki but be ready to react to the action cards too!

Scrabble Limited Edition London Transport Edition

scrabble limited edition london transport edition

Exclusive to the London Transport Museum, this Limited Edition Scrabble set is one of only 2016 and celebrates 100 years of London’s iconic Johnston typeface. I can’t imagine a home without Scrabble and this beautiful set, encased in a gorgeous hemlock wooden box with an engraved, slide-on lid, would be a perfect gift for anyone who loves the game.  I grew up playing Scrabble and love everything about the uniqueness of this gift – besides the Scrabble Trademarking, everything else is written in Johnston font which really helps to set this edition apart.  For those of you wondering how Hemlock is so important, it’s because it was the most common wood used in the finishes of buses, trains and stations in 1930’s and 1970’s London.

The Edition is restricted to 2016 (not certificated) pieces and every purchase supports the London Transport Museum’s charitable work.

scrabble limited edition london transport edition game

The Spice Pioneer

It’s so easy to get into a rut with cooking, even if you consider yourselves adventurous – and we love a spicy meal and so we’ve been having fun with The Spice Pioneer!  It’s a subscription box [which I love receiving anyway] of spices from different areas of the world – and a postcard from the Spice Pioneer too!  Each box sent contains recipes and all of the spices which you will need to create a starter, a main and either a side dish or dessert. Everything is in little pots which is so handy as you can instantly see which is which when cooking.

Countdown to Christmas Wine advent calendar

Gav has been enjoying his advent more than usual this year thanks to a very fun calendar full of little wines!  There are twelve different kinds in the calendar – and so there’s something for everyone’s taste!  I much prefer seeing little bottles of wine than large ones [I’m in the minority here I realise] and it’s even more fun being able to offer everyone a choice from the 12 at dinner!  The advent calendar is available on Amazon and has been Gav’s favourite of his calendars this year!
Disclosure: We were gifted these samples without obligation to include them in our Christmas Gift Guide for Him.  We’ve chosen our favourites to bring to you – enjoy!

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