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In a few weeks, Jensen will reach the finale of his first year of school.  Even though I’m a teacher myself, having my own children reach school age was quite a hullabaloo.  You’d think I’d be more prepared -but I wasn’t.

Like birthday cards and grocery shopping, I left school uniform shopping until the final couple of weeks of the school holiday and it was a nightmare.  I mixed and matched items from the local supermarket with branded clothing from his school and although the trousers were too large in the waist and too short in the leg, he was dressed respectfully and looked like a little schoolboy should.

In May I was already considering purchasing his school uniform for this coming year when Trutex asked us if we would like to review some of their clothing with Mumsnet.  I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief, because now that’s one thing less that I can mess up for next year’s start of school shenanigans.

We ordered some elasticated trousers, a sweatshirt and a polo shirt in blue, as Jensen is in the blue team for sports I recently found out – and he also loves the colour blue thanks to Sonic the Hedgehog which means that he will wear it happily.

When I told my mum that Jensen was reviewing his uniform, she was very impressed.  “That’s a PROPER school uniform,” she told me.  “I wore Trutex, you wore it too.”  After last year’s panicked ransacking of Back to School range in our local supermarket, my mum is more impressed with my choices this year for her grandson’s attire.    

Our sporty superstar wore his Trutex polo shirt yesterday at sports day and looked amazing as he came in second for the running race and first for the [rocket] javelin.

We’ve been wearing the sweatshirt for quite a while now and it has washed brilliantly – the most noticeable difference in quality for me was that the inside, which is very soft and silky like all school sweatshirts when first bought, retained its silky feel after washing.  The jumper still feels like new – and my school logo adoring son actually asked to wear the plain Trutex sweatshirt on Monday morning, which is quite the endorsement.  For my part, I love the elasticated trousers – they were practically crinkle free when they emerged from the washing machine and they fit his waist comfortably without sagging to his hips, and he doesn’t look like he’s expecting a flood either.

We’re so happy to be wearing Trutex this year and we recommend them to our friends.  Year One, we’re ready for you!

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