The Gallery: Two

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As soon as “two” was set as the theme for the Gallery this time, I immediately set about sorting photos of Our Little Adventurer and Baby Dragon.  They were all ready to post….until tonight.

Tonight I took Excalibur to the vet.  There’s something wrong with his manly parts (called “pebbles” in our house).  The vet can’t be sure whether  it’s infection, torque or tumour.  Tomorrow Excalibur will have them removed; and whereas many young puppies have this procedure for their health, Excalibur is 12.  He’s been my attention-loving, mischievous Baby Waggerabbit, our Waggins, my furkid, for all those years.  He’s an old man now, although I don’t like to think about that part, and there are risks….and in my heart I’m terrified.

For no matter how many times he steals the sofa from me, gets under my feet, demands to be let in and out of the house, escapes under the fence, destroys the flooring in our hallway…or passes wind whilst positioned strategically under my nose, he’s my boy; and I love him crazily in my heart.  He’s my first baby, our original Naughty Husky, and the ball of Siberian fur that stole my heart 12 years ago.  To lose him tomorrow would be unthinkable; my heart would shatter.

So please pray, or think good thoughts for my boy.  It’s tearing me up inside counting down the hours yet still wanting tomorrow morning to stay away.  It’s not his time, he’s still my baby.  Stay away from that rainbow bridge, brave boy of mine.  I love you, Xcally.

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