A Return Visitor…

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This weekend Dadda worked especially hard on the garden so that our weekdays, when we’re at home, aren’t spent couped up in the house going stir crazy.  Being outside is where my boys love to be, and are happiest…and so am I.  Breathing deeply in the fresh air calms, cures, heals.

As Dadda moved the old oak half-barrels (Which are now home to a million newly germinated corn, pea and been seedlings) he spotted an old friend…. Mr. Toad.

Sadly (an unknown to Our Little Adventurer) his friend was also discovered mangled behind the barrels, and so a small aversion was created whilst the late Mr. Toad was laid to rest.

Baby Dragon was most curious to see who the little creature was.  Cautious at first…

But soon waving frantically to introduce himself to his new friend.

Just as gentle as his big brother (amazingly)…

It all got bit too much for Baby Dragon when he couldn’t hold him.  The tears lasted ten seconds… Dragon tears make Momma sad.

Soon it was Jensen’s turn…(Or Peter Pan, as we were required to call him this weekend…We’re sure the neighbours enjoyed hearing me yell “Cock-a-doodle-doo, Peter Pan, we need you!” at the top of my lungs from the garden all weekend).

Jensen was overjoyed to see his old friend.

“He’s back!”

So grateful for moments like this…life is good.

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