Our Walt Disney Fairytale Wedding (Series): Wedding Day….All Aboard (The Cinderella Carriage)

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Finally I was safely settled in the carriage, which was indeed much bigger once you were in it. When I was
climbing the steps, as well as fearing the dress ripping, head whacking,
tumbling or wedging incidents that could easily happen to someone like
me, I was looking at the space and thinking that they had clearly
thought I was bringing stick people with me in the carriage and not my
dad and two nieces. There seemed nowhere to sit at all!
The foot ladies could clearly see me panicking about where to sit and one
of them leaned in and showed me where the best seat was, so I shuffled
across on the royal blue cushion and put my trust in them. If Cinderella trusted them, I figured, so could I.
First they sent up my eldest niece and I felt so proud of her.
I love her with all of my heart.
She concentrated intently on getting into the
carriage without head-butting me or standing on my dress, and we sat
together, looking at Dad and Dylan waiting to board.
Notice my smile is about to break my face…
Dylan was passed up next. She was still in awe of the carriage and had
the biggest eyes on her that I have ever seen. She was silent (very
unusual for her)
and sat in her seat as my dad joined her. We were all
in! People were shouting and cheering and it was the happiest time, not
least because the moment was here, there was no holding it back ~ we
were on our way! We waved and I heard the chinking of the ponies’ reins
as they started to move us away from the Yacht Club.
Our ride was very long. I know that some people say it is such a lot of
money for something that you are only in for a few minutes, but it
was the longest few minutes. Maybe because I wanted my time in
there to last forever, maybe because I was heading towards a husband and a future I
had dreamed of forever, or maybe because I wanted this happy moment with
my dad to last, I don’t know. All I know is that carriage helped make
my dreams come true.
So, we wound around the back of the Boardwalk and Dylan waved to
EVERYONE. The rest of us waved to everyone we came across, all of the
Disney maintenance crew, the Mousekeepers and so on, but Dylan never
stopped waving, even when there was no one there! Her hand never
stopped moving and her smile never faltered….
After a while I asked Dylan if she was happy and she asked me if it was
really Cinderella’s. I told her to remember the night before when I had
gone to the castle and she said yes, and I told her I had asked the
Fairy Godmother if I could borrow it. Her eyes lit up like Christmas
morning. “RealIy Cinderella’s, Chase.” she said. This seemed to make
her even more happy and she carried on waving at the trees and flowers.
After forever had passed we came to the front of the Yacht Club, but out
of view. People on the Boardwalk were walking along and we were
chatting to them as we carried on towards our stopping point. Whenever
we have been in Disney people have talked to us, but this was even more
special, it was like having everyone in the World being your friend.
The carriage stopped and Diane (Wedding Planner) came over and helped
the girls out with their flower buckets. I gave them kisses and they
set off to take their parts in the bridal processional…

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