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This has to be the review of Our Little Adventurer’s dreams.  When we were offered the chance to independently review this product for the Disney Store, I kept it a secret until our friendly postman arrived with the box in hand (even though I was bursting to tell Our Little Adventurer, I am terrible with surprises for him).  When we finally did open the box it was Christmas all over again for him.  His little eyes nearly popped from their sockets when he saw Spiderman’s own costume, laying there in touching distance.

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After being worn for birthday cake time, bedtime, playing in the garden time, and our most favourite time of all, fighting-Dadda-time (also known as The Evil Gentleman, I’ll spare you the photos.  Or him. I’m actually not sure who I’m sparing more here) I had practically given up on getting outside to take action shots of our little Spiderman and was about to post indoor ones when today the sun finally took pity on me.


The suit costs £20 from the Disney Store, which considering Jensen would wear it like a second skin, is brilliant value.  It’s an amazing replica of the real Spiderman and very well made with durable, quality, stretchy fabric. The muscle pack is soft and squishy and probably Jensen’s favourite part (except for the mask, the mask is everyone’s favourite in this house, even the huskies’).  

After five washes (one after Spidey was covered in birthday cake frosting) the suit still looks as new and once out of the machine has dried fast, which is brilliant as we have no tumble drier and I’d probably have a revolt on my hands.

Momma’s Hero.

What we loved about the suit was firstly that it was stretchy beyond belief.  No rips after “stunts” from the staircase, bookcase, suitcase, whatever.  You can high kick, wrestle your Dadda and even try to hurdle things you shouldn’t and there’s no tearing.  Which means no sad face, and no terrible sewing attempts by Momma.

Baby Dragon is a particular fan of the mask, and the “reveal”…

Secondly the mask doesn’t cover the mouth or nose.  This means that they can wear it longer and I won’t want to wash it every time they wear it because of, well, just imagine.  It’s been cold and flu season.  It’s not nice.  He can eat with it still on, and I can understand what he’s saying too.

The muscles.  Jensen Indiana adores the muscles.  We’ve been practising for the gun show since he was about 8 months old and now he finally has some to flex, even if they are full of wadding.  The muscles are stitched fantastically and filled with a very light material so that they don’t sag the costume, which makes Jensen feel like he’s King of the world.  Or Spiderman.

It’s footless.  Which means so much when you’re little.  No tripping over your own feet when it gets saggy, it means you can put it on yourself easier (and if I’d been wearing it when I was little, it would also mean that my your Mum can’t tie your toes together pretending to be an evil villain and watch you squirm for what seems like hours trying to untangle yourself) but best of all, it means that you can wear it with SHOES, which means that you can go ANYWHERE in it.  So today we did just that.  We went to pick Dadda up from work, to rescue him from the evil corporate giants (IBM).

The sizing was perfect which is unusual for us as Jensen is very lean and generally wears a size smaller. The 2-3 fits him perfectly with room to grow still…which means that should it still fit in 6 months’ time, it will undoubtedly be in his suitcase on the way to Walt Disney World with us.

Our only downside that we discovered with the costume was sadly a potential problem with the longevity.  Since the fastening is velcro, it snags easily on the stretchy material and leads to bobbling and pulling.  However, we can’t really think of a better fastening for it since a zip, poppers or buttons would be painful when doing stunts in the costume (because it’s impossible not to, when dressed as Spidey, even I can’t help myself.) I could imagine my poor little Spidey going in for a forward roll and having the zip pull digging into the back of his neck. Ouch.  At least with velcro, as a three year old, you’ve got a fighting chance of getting into, if not out of, the costume yourself.

Our overall verdict?  We would buy it.  In a heartbeat.  I cannot remember the last time I spent £20 on any toy that was enjoyed as much.  As a parent I love that this suit encourages role play, an extreme amount of exercise, and a chance for boys to be something other than firemen or policemen and to feel a little more like they’re being treated as equals in the dressing up department. The adventures that we’ve had with this suit (even though somehow I always have to be an evil villain) are priceless.  Thank you, Disney Store!

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