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Last month we were sent these Disney colouring books by Parragon Publishing.  Each has 100 beautiful and intricate designs for peaceful, detailed art therapy.  The Frozen book is my favourite thanks to the sweetest pattern featuring Sven [the reindeer] and I would love to spend hours carefully penciling him in with chocolate and toffee hues, but in reality I know there will be six over exuberant hands in there, colouring him green, pink and and adding some glitter or stickers to the mix.

The patterns are intricate and not really suitable for little people, but the paper is of a very high standard and I’m sure fine tip pens would work well.   Not many of the patterns feature princess or Disney related, and there are patterns with a high percentage of black [which of course can’t be coloured in] but those that are I completely fell in love with.

Alas, as I could never dream of getting time alone to attempt any of these creative Disney pages, these books have gone to a more worthy recipient who truly enjoys spending time creating art; my little sister.

We hope you enjoy them – 200 different illustrations to complete – and that gorgeous reindeer to boot!

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