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Our bookcase is bursting.  It’s burst, even.  Under the bed, on the bedside table, at the bottom of the bed, downstairs….there are books everywhere.  We thought we would share our favourites every week in case you’re searching for something new to read.  Each one of us is going to pick a favourite book, and I’ll decipher Hero’s choice by the amount of flapping in our faces that he does with a particular book.

This week, we’ve got:

Mommy’s Choice:

This is a tale about two cheeky little crocodiles who are just trying to have fun…with disastrous consequences.  I’ve got a soft spot for anything reptilian and so this book with its sparkly cover and gorgeous, action packed fresh green and blue hued illustrations is perfect.  We love the mischief of the crocs, and the previous book, Solomon Crocodile is just as brilliant.

Jensen’s Choice: Goodnight Darth Vader

An unsurprising choice for our number one Star Wars fan.  Daddy does the voices with him at bedtime and currently the favourite phrase is “It’s a bedtime snack” which Jensen explains to me every time he reads it that I’m saying it wrong and it needs to be read with the same approach in the film when the Admiral Ackbar says, “It’s a trap!”.  He snorts with laughter every time he reads it.  Clearly I haven’t paid enough attention to the happenings in the force.

Lyoto’s Choice: Penguin Says Please

This is the book that makes Lyoto break out in giggles.  Bedtime is hard for poor daddy.  This cheeky little penguin needs to learn some manners – and he’s trying, but not quite getting there.

Hero’s Choice: That’s Not My Duck

Like nearly every toddler that has ever found a, “That’s not my…” book, Hero is entranced by the different textures and now mimics the repetitive “that’s not my” patter with his little voice.  This was an Easter present and joins the other few that we’ve got.

Daddy’s choice: Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy

How I missed these books when I was teaching is beyond me.  I LOVE Hairy Maclary and his friends, and so do the boys.  Daddy loves them most because he has different accents for each of the dogs’ names.  Schnitzel von Krumm is his favourite by far – and the boys love that they can recount each of Hairy Maclary’s friends as they go through the books.  The series is brilliant and we love the rhyming style of the books.

That’s all for this week – if you have a recommendation for us, please leave it in the comments below – you can never read too many books!

Oh, and our super cute table bookcase is from JoJo Maman Bébé [we were gifted this for another post but we love it].

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