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When I tell the boys that I used to watch Power Rangers when I was little, they look at me like I’m some crazed person who clearly has lost their grip on reality.  Power Rangers are timeless it seems, because they’re as awesome to our three as they were to me and my sister when we used to watch them on Sunday mornings at the breakfast table with our boiled eggs and soldiers.

We had fun with our Power Ranger Dino Charge toys a couple of years ago – and now we’re super, super excited to be showing what’s in store for Christmas 2017 with the NEW Ninja Steel range.  This over the next twelve days we’re going to be telling you about 12 of the new range that Father Christmas might be interested in popping into his sack with your little ones’ names on them.  They’re all pretty amazing and impressive – and we don’t have a favourite yet, but we’re narrowing it down.  We’ll be showcasing on Twitter and Facebook and at the end of November, they’ll all be featured here on the blog with prices and where you can buy them – or tell Father Christmas to send his elves out to collect them from.

Before tomorrow though, here’s a peep at our little #Powerrangers12daysxmas advent calendar that Hero and I made this week.  You can find us on Twitter as @keepupjonesfami and on Facebook as Keep Up With The Jones Family.  And if you have any questions about the new Power Rangers toys, feel free to drop me a line!


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