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In an average week, on an average day, I wake up around 5am [thanks, boys], and walk backwards and forwards to school and pre-school every 2.5 hours.
Add to this the time I spend getting them ready for school/preschool/changing nappies, fetching snacks, getting lunches, dinners, and following them around trying to contain the mess [and generally failing, it should be said, as I’ve already spent ten minutes this evening moaning that I’m having a friend over this week with no hope of it even resembling a home before she gets here] my daytime “me” time is non existent as a rule.
I still have a dream though.  It’s of me, sitting down, anywhere, without a toy poking at the side of my bottom cheek, hot[ish] tea in hand, reading a magazine – because there are so many I’d like to try – so many headlines sprawled in front of me as I walk the aisle at the supermarket, calling to me.
Yet I rarely buy any.  I know that if I did manage to get a magazine in the weekly shop, it would mean spending £3.99 or more [plus around £10 at least for the boys to get a comic just like Momma] for it to get destroyed at home within hours of it crossing the threshold by a drink of squash/sticky lollipop one of the boys were sure they would love but spat out in disgust/pair of scissors in little, over excited hands.

Then a friend of mine introduced me to the Readly app, and for me it’s a genius app.  Over 1,600 magazine and comic titles that you can spread over five devices.  There are so many photography titles that I don’t know where to start – and I can read as much as I possibly can, for the fixed price of  £7.99 a month.  The mister is hoping there are some more MMA magazines added soon, but I’m as happy as a snapping clam learning new tricks on Photoshop!  My mum is after the gardening magazines for her gorgeous backyard.

What’s even better is that I can also enjoy titles from the USA that I could never hope to find on our high street, like Cesar’s Way, Entertain, Decorate, Celebrate and Tea Time.   It’s quite simply brilliant.  You can sign up for a free month’s trial thanks to Readly here.

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