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It’s November.  Which, according to my boys, means that it’s fair game to start decorating for Christmas, talking about Christmas and so I’m pretty sure that in Blogland, it’s safe to deck the virtual halls – or at least start getting the Christmas preparation posts out.  This year we’re made a big bold move away from the usual chocolate advent calendars for the boys and decided to see what else is out there – and we’ve decided to do the same for us big people too.  As we’ve had so many people say they aren’t fond of spoilers of advent calendar contents before December starts, we’ve gone for the high-resolution images introduction of the calendars and then in December every day on Twitter and Insta-Stories, we’ll reveal what we’ve had in our calendars each day.  Here’s what will be featuring food-wise at this point when December 1st comes around.  I’m so excited!   Here are six of the best edible advent calendars 2017.

six of the best edilble advent calendars 2017

A – THE BIG CHILLI Advent Calendar – Sous Chef, £35

If ever there was an Advent calendar for Winter evenings, this is it and we are SO excited to be opening this in the cold and flu season!  There are 24 whole, flaked and powdered chillis to try on a spicy world tour.  Since discovering that I can consume a ridiculous number of jalapeno peppers in the last few months, I’m looking forward to seeing what Gav will cook with the new spices [most of which I have never, ever heard of] and which one of us will be the braver and more resilient chilli eater. It’s also in a very beautiful box and looks very manly and so according to Gav this puts the calendar in his Advent jurisdiction.  As long as he cooks for me, I’m happy with that.

B – REESE’S MINI PEANUT BUTTER CUPS Calendar – £13-£15, Hershey

Peanut buttery chocolate goodness fills this calendar.  We first discovered them in Florida in 2008 when we chose them at our EPCOT fireworks dessert party and Gav has been hooked ever since.  There’s something so good about them – and this calendar is in our wedding colours of blue and orange too. Aww.

C – The NAKED MARSHMALLOW COMPANY Calendar – £13, Naked Marshmallow Company

This one is my choice.  There’s something about marshmallows and Winter that makes me want to buy as many as possible.  It’s also the prettiest of the food calendars if you ask me.  I love the campfire feel of it and I’m looking forward to toasting a few or popping them in our hot chocolates this advent.

D – KELLOGGS Advent Calendar – £4, TESCO

Jensen loves these little boxes of cereal as much as I do – and Hero is the only boy in the house who will snaffle down the Rice Krispies Multigrain merrily and so this is a win-win calendar.  I only wish they had included a Christmas Kelloggs bowl with the calendar – that would have been epic, according to Yotie.

E – SWIZZELS Calendar – £6, TESCO

This is apparently “Daddy’s” calendar.  Chosen by Hero, he recognised the snacks of choice for Daddy’s TV watching.  I think the boys might try and sneak off with the love hearts, but apparently, it’s all for daddy.  We’ll see.

F – The ILCHESTER CHEESE Advent Calendar – £8, ASDA

This is the calendar that I am praying is in stock tomorrow when I finally manage to get to the supermarket after pulling something in my rib cage that made me feel like pleurisy is a walk in the park.  A CHEESE advent calendar.  We’re a family of small Wallis and Gromits at heart and this calendar, launched in 2016, features some of our favourite BBQ season cheeses like Mexicana and Applewood.

We’re going to be opening these six edible calendars, along with our other advent calendars throughout December to see which are really the best of 2017.

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