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Shhhh….. It’s naptime.

I love pyjamas – the boys have an overflowing trunk in their bedroom that we refer to as the pyjama box.  I put in in their bedroom so that at night they would be able to pick their own sleepwear and help with the bedtime routine.  The trouble is, it’s full of pyjamas that the boys love so much that they just won’t part with.  Jensen still has Hallowe’en pyjamas from three years ago that he tries [and very often succeeds in] squeezing into.
Poor Baby Hero though – the third child and the pyjamas hand-me-downs from his brothers mean that only on special occasions [Christmas, Easter, Hallowe’en] does he get a new set of PJs – so this morning’s happy mail of not one but two pairs of Thomas pyjamas made him so happy that after digging in the compost [see nails in photographs for proof] he decided he would shed his soggy clothes and wear him new, soft Thomas togs for nap time today.
They’re very generous in size and super soft.  They also have the envelope kind of neck which for me has good points and bad – good, in that after bath time I don’t have to yank them over a damp head whilst they blame me for trying to push their heads into their rib cages, and bad because they always seem to go saggy and leave their little chests exposed in colder months.  

I’ll ask him what he thought about them when he wakes up, but I do know he was very keen to cuddle Thomas on his belly as he fell asleep today…and I’m doubting I’ll be very successful in getting them off him when he wakes up this afternoon.  He’s lucky he’s so cute!

The pyjamas as available in Tesco and form part of a collection of Thomas & Friends outfits in soft cotton like our pyjamas [which are very snuggly] and are available now in sizes Newborn to 18/24 months.

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  1. Oh this made me chuckle. My girls have a pyjama box with pairs they still wear that are aged 3-4 (they're 9!) and we've only recently got rid of a very shabby Thomas The Tank Engine set that had trousers at knee length 😀

  2. Oh he looks so cute in them. We have a set of drawers that are PJ drawers (yes a set, as we have a love of PJ's here).

    I pass on our outgrown ones to my besties four boys and it is great to see favorites still being warn

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