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When you live in Hampshire, you become quite accustomed to creepy crawlies.  Our garden is filled with more varieties of spiders than I ever imagined I would see, slowworms, stag beetles, millipedes and centipedes, bees, wasps and every ticket holding friend of the ugly bug ball imaginable.

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There weren’t any scorpions though.  Not before this week.

Way back in 2008, the mister and I were trainers for the day at Gatorland, Florida, whilst we were on holiday – where we got the chance to hold and learn about scorpions.  I can’t say I was as comfortable holding the tiny four inch creature as I was feeding the giant four metre gators, but it was an experience.

This week the Jones Brothers have been pretending to recreate how they imagined the encounter to have taken place, using their new toy the Wild Pets Scorpion.

The pet is just over 3 inches long and needs no assembly – the batteries are already inside!  All it took was a flick of the little switch underneath him and off he scuttled!

He has three modes, signalled by the colour of light glowing from his eyes.  Blue, Green and Red –  explore, creep and attack.  The boys turned him on, and never turned him off again until bedtime.  He’s just brilliant for a shared toy and fantastically realistic for little ones.

Playing with the Wild Pets Scorpion has prompted Jensen to want to know more about the species, their habitat and behaviour; Lyoto to want to take his pincers off and see how he works; and has enthralled Hero whilst somehow also encouraging some Pied-Piper like dance parties with Stingback and all three of them in the living room.

Initially when we agreed to review the Wild Pets Scorpion, I thought it would just be fun as the boys love creatures and moving toys, but Stingback has been so much more of an experience than I imagined – and very deserved of the £15.99 price tag on Amazon.

We Love…

That Stingback came with batteries already installed.
How easy it is to change the behaviour of the scorpion by touching the sensors.
The lifelike behaviour – the boys loved leaving “Pincher” as they named him to roam around the living room all morning as a real pet would.
His legs being made of very stretchy rubber.  The legs alternate up and down in pairs to recreate a realistic look to his movement.  The rubbery material means no snapped legs and no snagging when Pincher goes under the sofa!
Seeing the glowing eyes when we turn the lights off to see him sneaking around.  Playing hunt the scorpion has been brilliant.

We Wish…

That his pincers or stinger could move during attack mode.
His pincers were more sturdy – they come off at times – but it is cute watching Hero panic that “his” scorpion has lost a leg and try to tell me in baby speak!

We were gifted the toy in exchange for an honest review

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