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The Shopkins and Shoppies with their colourful and glittery accessories are a huge love for my boys.  Despite finding them in every girls’ section of toy catalogues, they hunt them out and continually add them to birthday and Christmas [and Halloween last year, when they had little Shopkins in pumpkin containers] list they can.  We were asked if we’d like to review the Shopkins Shoppies Skyanna Jet Playset and when the playset arrived, there were six little eyes as big and round as saucers when I pulled it from the box.  It’s quite amazing – and took me back to how I used to feel when I pressed my little nose against the new Sindy doll boxes in Macro and prayed that I had enough pocket money saved up that week.

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Shopkins Shoppies Skyanna Jwt PlaysetInside the hugely impressive box are the glittery and bright, colourful Shoppies Jet – which can seat three shoppies dolls.  This means room for Skyanna, the Shoppie in the set, and two friends – but as we don’t have more than Skyanna at the moment various passengers have joined her, such as Kylo Ren and Darth Vader.  Lovely company.

There’s also 3 exclusive themed Shopkins, which are perfect for the set – Fizzy Soda, Lynn Flight Meal and Captain Zoom {Hero’s favourite}; a cloud shaped hairbrush for Skyanna, a little suitcase, rolling suitcase, and dinner trolley for serving in-flight meals.  The jet has a little overhead luggage storage area and steps that can be released for the Shoppies to make their debut on the tarmac after landing in style.

Inside the box is also a VIP card which can be used with the free Shopkins app, which was a lovely little extra touch.

…that batteries are not required.  This is a purely imagination powered toy!  The wheels work, the doors are operational and everything is very real-world [except for the little Shopkins].

…the size is brilliant for little hands – and for sharing.  It’s big enough for three boys to play with without squabbling [too much] about space.

…the attention to detail.  There are many little toys which are just blobs of plastic with shoddily applied details and features, but Shopkins have always been beautifully created and as a parent, I appreciate that greatly.  The Shoppies doll is tremendously well made and has beautiful accessories of different colours – it doesn’t feel as though these have been banged out [excuse the engineering shop floor talk] with one plastic die as a money spinner – there’s a great deal of care in their design.

…the size.  It sits neatly on a shelf and fits into nearly every storage box we have.  I’m always grateful for toys that do this.

…the accessories are all easy to store in the jet, which means no excuse for not tidying up!


…there were male Shoppies.  Honestly, we would just LOVE some male dolls this size and this sparkly and fun.

Our verdict:  Father Christmas really needs to pop a lot of these in his sack.  The set costs around £49.99 and any little Shopkin and Shoppies fan will be completely delighted to see this on Christmas morning.  It’s great value as far as toys of this popularity go and has great play value as the adventures are endless.  It’s also a Chosen By Kids toy from ASDA which means it was top rated by lots of little people!chosen by kids

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