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Ad: We were gifted these Hatchimals Pixies in return for coverage.

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You all know how much we love Hatchimals. We’ve celebrated every series on our blog and each series we say they’re better than the last. Well, this time we received a parcel from Hatchimals HQ and in it were HUGE eggs in comparison with the teeny tiny ones we usually get – Hatchimal Pixies! We had a pink one and a purple one and in order not to upset anyone, we bribed Hero with the promise of four more Pop Pop snotz to open than his brothers. Just to be clear, the offer was open to any boy – Hero decided he would stand down from Pixie hatching.

There are four different Hatchimals Pixies eggs to choose from, and in the eggs you can find Pixies from Crystal Canyon, Polar Paradise, Wishing Star Waterfall or Glittering Garden – all in Hatchtopia like their little animal friends.

The eggs were glittery and embossed and just like oversized Hatchimal eggs, but much prettier. The boys were in awe of them. All I could think is that we could use them as little trinket trays in their room if they didn’t get too smashed up.

Lyoto and Hero were convinced that Pixies in eggs would definitely be up to mischief and so they decided to give them a shake and see if they spoke up. Both claimed to have heard tiny pixie voices.

Apparently Jensen’s had a few choice words.

I should probably say that there actually were NO voices, in case someone buys them and wonders why their Hatchimals Pixies weren’t talking to them.

So the hatching began. Rubbing the heart to begin the hatching and then popping the heart through to hatch. The boys are pros at this now.

Lyoto [fresh out of the shower with damp hair – not a sweaty mess] always thinks that huffing hot air onto his Hatchimals helps them to come out faster.

Then they were out! Inside each Hatchimals Pixie egg is a little Pixie and bed – which is themed to the Pixie, a headband and two accessories for them. The headband takes a little bit of fiddling to make sure it’s secure but it’s not too difficult.

Jensen’s was first out – with a little teacup and teapot, all sparkly.

Hatchimals Pixies Hatchtopia

Lyoto’s followed suit – his came with a little cupcake and mirror.

Both Pixies have little jelly-like wings on their back which wiggle and flutter about when touched, and little stands so that you can pop them on their base from inside the egg, or on a shelf to display.

These are the remains of the Hatchimals Pixies. The boys were really impressed with them. All of the colour and sparkle – and they were sad that there aren’t any male pixies, and I’m sad too.

It makes me sad that if the boys openly played with these toys, they’d be ridiculed. It makes me sad that they’re targeted at girls and only girl models are made.

The Hatchimals Pixies eggs are around £8 each and good value – we prefer them to LOL dolls, which is the nearest comparison we think. These are sparkly, well made and fit perfectly with the Hatchimals as their little pets. Now let’s see some male Pixies, please!

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