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We saw Pop Pops Snotz in Smyths at Christmas when we were looking for a Christmas present for the boys’ cousin and we didn’t really know what they were – and then recently we were sent a big box of them to find out – so now we know!

keep up with the jones family POP POPS SNOTZ

Essentially, Pop Pop Snotz are little capsules of slime in two different shades of green, and every third one contains a little rubbery Snotz character at random. There are 60 little characters to collect, split into little collections to cross off a little chart. The boys were excited to get started and had everything out ready. On a side note, Jensen looks so grown up here!

pop pops snotz smyths

Each little capsule needs to be popped – we found that squishing them har worked, but it was quite a bit of fun whacking them and seeing if we could firstly hit our target from a distance and secondly, actually pop them with one whack.

The slime inside each little Pop Pop Snotz capsule is a really wet, gooey one. It’s like picking up watery snot. It really is. The boys were in heaven, mixing the two shades from the different capsules. They got excited when there was a little character and matched it to the chart but overall were really excited to just pop and play.

The slime stretched quite some way….and I’m glad we kept it outside. Haha.


Lyoto had a little wish list of Pop Pop Snotz he was hoping for and prepared to swap if needs be.

The boys were kept merrily amused for a quite some time popping, playing and spotting which little Pop Pops Snotz they found – much longer than I expected them to.


Thank you Pop Pops Snotz for the afternoon of fun – and if you want to play with some too, we’ve spotted them on Amazon and in Smyths Toy Store!

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