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Little boys love playing with dolls just as much as little girls – except in my experience they aren’t given much encouragement to do so.  Mommies of little boys also like playing with teeny, cute little toys.  I’m not sure I’ve ever hit the reply button as fast as I did when the chance to review Twozies came up, because they’re just so cute.

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Yes, they’re another set of mini collectibles, and as a rule I sigh, roll my eyes and try to persuade the boys that they’d rather get a Lego figure [everlasting, even if painful to kneel on] or Schleich animal [I’ll spend hundreds on these; Jensen is on the lookout for a cow apparently] then hand over money for tiny bits of indiscernible plastic.

That said, these are just precious.  I love them.  They are little babies, dressed with a sweet nappy and animal hat combination – with a pet that matches their headgear.  However, the babies and pets are all mixed up in the blind bags and need to be collected and reunited with each other!

Twozies everything is better two-gether toys twosies

I also love that the price is 50p lower than the other blind bags I currently buy for the boys as treats, and secondly there’s a real collectible element to them, like with Disney’s Tsum-tsums.  They have names, types and categories.

The Twozies that we received were from Season 1.  We have the Two-Cool Ice Cream Cart with pink and brown little cow babies and pets, and the Two-Sweet Row Boat with duck babies and pets, and some blind bags. Each set comes with accessories like mini cakes and sweets, and a shadow box for display or storage.  Here’s what we thought.

What We Love About Twozies

That there are 140 to collect.  This is attainable.  I – I mean, they – could do this.

There are rare, limited edition Twozies!  My boys have already got everything crossed like Charlie Bucket, hoping for a metallic Twozie.

With two in each pack, there’s much less risk of having two that you already have.

Matching them up is fun – and can lead to all kinds of learning games!

Their heads are moveable and they are well made.  Different poses, and little holes in their feet mean that they can attach to the playsets without toppling over or falling out.

The playsets are delicately made – there is attention to detail instead of just mass lumps of moulded plastic.  These are toys which have been created with care.

Twozies come with little shadow boxes for sorting the matching pairs into, and the bigger playsets come with larger shadowboxes that can be wall mounted or stacked to create little Twozies houses.  We loved that.

What we wish about Twozies

That the little Twozies had poseable arms and legs.  We couldn’t think of anything else!

We were gifted the Twozies in exchange for our honest review – you can buy yours from Character Online!

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