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If there was ever a time I remember rolling my eyes at my dad, it was over The Clangers.  I could accept that he made his own bicycle from parts found in the local brook, and that he practically sailed around the world on a sixpence and still had change for some chips on the way home – but when he started talking about an Iron Chicken and a Soup Dragon who lived with little mice in the sky, I considered calling the doctor. 

Years on and not only did I discover that the little sky mice are real, but they’re actually very sweet little creatures and my Dad has been bought a few – but never one as beautiful as the Squeeze and Whistle Small we were sent to review – and so I asked our boys if they’re mind Grandad reviewing him instead.  Somehow he just never made it there…. Someone else small fell in love.

If you have Clanger addicts in your family too, you can get Squeeze and Whistle Small for just £6.99 in Toys R Us – just like I’ll have to now!  The special offer extends over all Clangers toys with 30% off from now until Christmas Eve.  He’d fit very nicely in Father Christmas’ sleigh!


We just love the knitted look and feel of the little Clanger – and the noise is loud enough to hear but not as audible as to be annoying every time Small gets a squeeze, or ito wake up a little one who rolls on him in the night. His nose is the perfect handle, and his silky little fingers are very sweet.  

He’s hugged and cuddled and swapped between the boys to watch his friends on TV when the episodes are aired.  The best thing about him is that his little clothes are thankfully attached to him, which means I won’t be redressing him 20 times a day after he’s had his imaginary baths, changes of costume and so on…  

We were sent Squeeze ‘n’ Whistle Small Clanger in return for an honest review.

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