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It’s the most wonderful time of the year again.  This past weekend we headed out on our annual expedition for the traditional cutting of the Christmas Tree.  In traditional style, Baby Hero fell asleep on the drive over and slept through having his little duffel coat bundled onto him as we made our way, saw in hand, across the marsh.

This year, both the mister and I were lucky enough to have warm, gorgeous clothing to wear.  Usually we scramble to grab a sweater or coat and head out into the fields whilst the boys are warm and enveloped in pockets of layered warmth – but we’ve been so delighted to have been sent some very, very luxurious clothing from Salt Rock [a brand my family know very well and completely adore, thanks to our holidays down on the surfing coast of England] to see us through the Winter and our outdoor adventures.

When the boys drifted off to the land of sweet dreams, the mister and I went virtual shopping [my husband’s favourite kind] on the Salt Rock site.  The mister managed to get himself a fleece zipped hoodie in a Christmassy tawny port colour, quite a few t-shirts [look out for these over our Christmas posts], the boys got a little red t-shirt each with the Salt Rock logo embellished on them to wear for Christmas day and I treated myself to a deep blue cable knit hoodie with a sheepskin-soft lined hood.  All of the items were generously sized and very comfortable, and feeling quite swish, we decided to take our hoodies for a test drive outdoors on possibly the windiest day this year so far.

Baby Hero woke up for the ceremonial chopping of the tree and decided he was quite pleased to be outside in the middle of the magic – until his chubby little hands and baby face began to feel the wrath of Winter’s winds.  He stood frozen, a single tear falling from his right eye, until Daddy scooped him up – and then decided being cuddled by Daddy was the best option as Mommy snapped away.  
Even I got in front of the camera – but after the way I’ve been feeling lately, my beautiful, snuggly, windproof knitted hoody is taking centre [or right hand] stage.  I’m not sure I’ll be taking it off this Winter.  It’s a heavyweight, thick, wooly Winter dream that I can pull on and zip up over anything and look instantly smarter on the school run, whilst feeling all snuggly on the inside.  I can’t remember ever wearing a jumper or cardigan that the wind didn’t whistle through – and wearing only a vest top underneath, I was as snug as the proverbial whilst I chased the boys through the mud.    

If you’ve never heard of Salt Rock, head over to the site now and take a look – the prices are incredible, particularly for the quality of the clothing – and I promise you, if you’re going to be out and about with your little ones this season, you’ll be much, much warmer this Wintertime wearing Salt Rock – and indoors too; these slippers are on my Dear Father Christmas list!

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