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Over the past 5 years, I’ve given birth to three nearly 10lb boys.  Today, those three bouncy babies have grown into a superbly energetic and handsome little boy-crew of Jensen, 5 years old; Lyoto, 3 years old and 18 month old Hero.  At times they’re quite a handful and controlling the noise in our house is a constant challenge.

Yet besides wishing I had three pairs of eyes – one front, one back and one in my bottom to control what they’re up to, there’s another area I often wish I had better control over – and that’s my bladder.

Light bladder weakness can affect 1 in 2 of us ladies – and that statistic shocked me.  Until I met other mommies at the school gates when Jensen began school and started joking about it, I had no idea that others were in the same situation. I always assumed that it was older women who suffered – women with crazy numbers of cats.  We joked – but we all know how embarrassing it feels when you just know you aren’t going to make it – or when it happens unexpectedly.  Yet it IS normal – or rather, common – and it can feel humiliated.  Running after your children, sneezing, crouching down – normal activity with unwanted results.

Pre-children, had I suffered with a weak bladder I’d have had no problem in getting to the toilet whenever the urge came – especially if you’re near home – but when you’ve got two boys on foot, one in a sling, a nappy bag and whatever else you’ve been carrying [usually two school book bags], getting everything and everybody into the house safely, unloading and making it upstairs feels like an olympic event – and one that my poor bladder isn’t always up to the challenge of.
Thankfully there are an amazing array of products on the market to cater for those Ooooooops moments – and my favourite is Lights by Tena [and so is my mum’s!].  I don’t feel any embarrassment buying them – and why should I?  My body needs a little rescue, a safety harness in my pants, if you will…and unlike in France, help with bladder weakness isn’t given a priority in healthcare and so many of us are suffering because we have no idea how to access the medical help that is available.   
Lights by Tena give me the confidence with their Feel Fresh technology to be able to carry on running about after my boys and not worry about any little oooooops moments that may happen – because I’d hate them to think that mommy needed to be potty trained too!

Are you one of the two? Are you brave enough to say it?  

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