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Sandwiches have always played a huge part in my life.

Sugar and butter sandwiches when my mum had nothing else to give us for lunch at the end of the month before payday, bacon [sausage for my dad] and egg sandwiches on Friday lunchtimes during Summer holidays working in my dad’s engineering company as a power press operator.

The best, proper sandwiches were always on a Monday though, right until I left home.

Roast chicken sandwiches.  Leftovers from dinner on Sunday.  Even the smell of them, emanating from the aluminium foil wrap inside my lunchbox made me hungry.  They were without doubt the simplest, yet most delicious sandwiches of my childhood. Proper sandwiches.

The brand new Proper Pickle range from The English Provender Company is a grown-up pickle that is perfect for proper sandwiches – and they are SO good.  I’m ashamed to say previously I’d only ever been a consumer of one kind of sandwich pickle – but no more.  These are just.so.delicious.

I’ve been in the kitchen to combine two of my favourite memories to join with the Foodies100 and The Provender Pickle Company’s challenge to create a proper sandwich.  So here’s my creation – a mixture of my roast chicken schooldays and Saturday lunchtimes with my precious, completely adored granny, who loved a good ploughman’s lunch.


Seeded rolls [chunky and nutty]
Roast Chicken [leftovers]

Beetroot Provender Pickle [Never liked beetroot as a child yet I eat this pickle with a spoon, like it’s applesauce]

Cheese [Leicester and cheddar]

Butter [not margarine!]

Lettuce – [the curly kind that looks pretty]


Layer as you like – I prefer the pickle to be directly on top of the cheese though.
This post is an entry into the #ProperPickle Challenge with The English Provender Co and Foodies100

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