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Here’s the Jones Family Meal Plan for February this week! As you may have noted, I have been AWFUL at recording these. Sorry. I’m trying harder now.

I left the house last night to go to Marks and Spencer for my own sanity. Gav and the boys were watching the original version of Little Shop of Horrors [the one with Jack Nicholson in] and I left Hero behind, very unhappy and staging a protest in the hallway by trying to go to sleep there apparently, as I decided respite in the food hall was probably a good idea after a full day of mediating the arguments of three boys.

Before anyone starts to think we might be the Rothschilds, shopping at M&S, let me tell you that we get a discount thanks to Gav being with IBM. So I download my vouchers and annoy the cashiers there – and you’ll know that I’m occasionally faced with horrific abuse from customers if you follow me on Twitter – for using vouchers to pay. Anyhow, this week’s shop at M&S cost me £124 for a family of five before discount.

Here’s the plan for this week – Saturday is left out because either we’re doing something and eating somewhere or it’s roast chicken. So assume chicken is in there. We love chicken. Squawk.

meal plan week 9 2020

We have:

Monday – Panang Chicken Curry with accompaniments of katsu chicken parcels, thai red fishcakes, prawn crackers [£10] and I added the brown rice in at home as we buy that continually.

Tuesday – Minced Beef Pie and Mash with frozen peas and sweetcorn, and broccoli [£10] M&S makes the best pie I’ve ever had, and I’m obsessed with mashed potato.

Wednesday – Salmon and Tasty Rice – [£10 plus rice from home] So we bake the salmon in the oven, and Gav makes “tasty rice”; brown rice with onions, peppers, mushrooms, butterbeans, eggs, garlic and spices in it. It’s my favourite rice and I could eat it foreverrrrr. He’s an amazing cook. Om nom nom.

Thursday – Spaghetti Bolognese and garlic bread [£14]. Jensen hates my chunky spaghetti bolognese and prefers Charlie Bigham’s or M&S as everything is ground up more. I have a little basil plant in my recycled Disney cups garden [post coming soon] that I pop a little bit of onto it to make it look like I made it. Haha.

Friday – Cod and Chips – [£12] Lyoto and Hero actually have chicken in breadcrumbs as they prefer it but M&S make the chunkiest cod fillets and the offer is three boxes for £10. So Gav, Jens and I have the cod which takes two boxes and the boys have a box of breaded chicken fillets – there are all different herbs and spices and flavours to choose from – and we get the crinkly chips from their frozen department.

Sunday – Gammon shanks – [£12] these are £6 for a box of two but Lyoto doesn’t like gammon at all and so he has….chicken! I fear as he grows older he might need to move nearer to Anglesey.


So the total for the main parts of the meal was £68 – the rest was spent on a pair of Roald Dahl’s Crocodile leggings for Hero [£7], eggs, salad, crisps, various vegetables, fruits, frozen pains au chocolat, bread, bacon and sausages.

So there’s our Meal Plan for February this week!

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  1. Yum, those meals sound delicious! I really fancy The panamg chicken curry as I’ve not had that before.

  2. They all sound lovely meal ideas. I love planning my weekly meals and finds that it saves money and wastage as we only buy what is needed.

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