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Having been in labour twice, and giving birth once on St. Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the birthdays of two beautiful little boys instead of romance on February 14th [and 15th] in our house.  Although there’s no candlelit supper, rose petals or champagne sadly, I do have the most precious memories [the flash-backs of the excruciating pain have stopped, haha] of Valentine’s days in 2010 and 2012 that I wouldn’t swap, even for diamonds. Valentine’s day gift guide

That being said, there are some truly beautiful items out there for Valentine’s day – and so I’ve put together the prettiest, pinkest Valentine’s day gift guide – with a little help from those two boys.  See if you can guess which items they picked out.

1.  Pink Hunter Wellingtons.

Living in Hampshire, there’s plenty of mud about – and I haven’t owned a pair of wellingtons in years – I’ve spent my time wrecking trainer after trainer in the New Forest, getting stuck in the bog and pulled out whilst being laughed at.  These are the most beautiful wellingtons I’ve seen.

2. Baci Milano Cocktail Glasses.

I’ve adored these for over a year now – and now they would co-ordinte with the decor in the dining area, I love them even more.  They’re so detailed – and made of acrylic.  Now, with three little boys, I love that word when it comes to drinkware [if drinkware is a word. my auto correct says it isn’t].  These are from the collection called Evergreen and shown here in powder colour – although there are a few to choose from – and a whole range of other glasses too.

3. Irregular Choice Peach Melba Shoes.

Before having the boys, I used to be brilliant at running in heels.  Even painful looking ones – see my bachelorette party in Walt Disney World’s 8Trax for proof.  I’ve had four pairs of Irregular Choice shoes and they are SO comfortable, despite looking quite the opposite.  They also make my feet look smaller.  The pairs I had were also eaten by two heel-hating huskies and when I found these, I fell in love.

4. Anna New York Kivita Rose Quartz Coasters

Whilst buying Lego and Star Wars toys, I missed out on the rose quartz craze but these would find a beautiful place in our home.  Currently we have little tiles with maps on, hailing to my geography days, but these would look so much nicer.  I love the 24t gold gold edging and the delicateness of them.  I can’t say I’d let the boys touch them and I do fear that they might be used as treasure in a game of mining, but I personally would cherish them.

5. Pink Tibetan Sheepskin Rug

Our house is cold. So cold – and having wooden floors downstairs means that in the colder seasons, our feet feel like ice some days – and so do the boys’ [clothed] bottoms as they scoot over the floor, playing Lego.  They congregate on my grey sheepskin upstairs with their teeny bits of Lego and honestly, I’d swap this one in for it.  It’s prettier, and would be far less painful on my way to bed.  I love the crinklyness and the pretty pink hue – and when I was a little girl, I had a bright pink one, right by my bed.  Haha.

6.  Ted Baker Fountain Pen

I might be getting old because I really miss the days of writing letters with fountain pens.  I remember the pain of having to learn with a navy blue scratchy, pointed fountain pen that snagged on the paper constantly in middle school, and when the pens with the rounded nibs were released onto the school stationery market, it revolutionised my handwriting.  I don’t think they encourage writing with ink pen in schools any longer, which is a shame – and lately I’ve been really wanting a writing instrument prettier than my set of constantly taken for little boys’  craft projects Sharpies.

7. Tiffany & Co. 1837 Sterling Silver Comb

The first time I set foot in Tiffany’s was in Florida, 2008 after my wedding when my lovely husband bought me a wedding band.  I can’t remember lovelier customer service than Tiffany’s, or wanting to have a little blue box so much in all of my life.  This little comb has a pink accent which would help me greatly to locate it in my [pink, Radley] handbag, and believe me, I wouldn’t be mislaying this comb as much as I do my others.

8. Apple Watch

I don’t have a watch.  Until I had the boys, I loved them and I can remember at leat three birthdays in my life where I’ve received watches that I’ve wanted so badly – the Colours of Benetton one, the Green one from Stratford Upon Avon.  I constantly wore a watch – mainly for billing clients – but since then, I can’t even remember the last watch I had.  This watch does everything and not having to get my phone out of my pocket whilst pushing the stroller or holding three sets of hands whilst we’re out would be amazing.  I can’t even begin to see all of the amazing functions it has because I’ll be in the Southampton Apple store before you can blink.

9. Tiffany & Co. Fancy Pink Diamond Ring

There really are people in the world who invest in rings this expensive and beautiful – and if I win the lottery, this is the one I’d be buying.  It’s the prettiest, most Cinderella like ring I’ve ever seen in my life.  It’s not as beautiful as my wedding band from Tiffany’s of course, but honestly, the colour combination and design remind me of when I was a little girl and my mom gave me the most delicate silver butterfly ring with a little pink stone in at my birthday party. I love this, but it costs a month’s wages for my husband and we might need to pay or mortgage instead :/ Boo.

10. Fujifilm Pink Mini Instax Camera

There really wasn’t any way I could have written a gift guide without an element of photography in it.  I had two pink cameras up for consideration, and this one just pipped the Lomography neon pink one because of the colour.  I would LOVE to have this in my bag for day trips and just for silly shots with the boys – I’m not sure they realise that photographs are for printing some days as I store so many of them.



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