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We were gifted the Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorn toys but our opinions are genuine and our own. We want you to trust our reviews – if you think we missed something, get in touch.

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The toys of Uni-Verse Surprise - not just for girls, unicorns are for everyone. Dissolving clouds in water to reveal little plastic bags with unicorns and accessories
Three Uni-Verse Surprise Clouds, ready to be dissolved.


A parcel of Uni-verse Surprise toys arrived this morning, to make our wet and soggy day much better. If you’ve not heard of Uni-Verse toys yet, they look like little rainbow clouds of different colours with emoji based faces, and inside are surprise Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorns and accessories, waiting to be revealed.


I won’t say we aren’t sad that the description of Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorns notes that they are perfect for girls, because in our family unicorns are for everyone and if we ever met one, I’m pretty sure we’d be equally as blown away regardless of gender. In any case, they’re recommended for ages 5 up and for good reason. Small parts and lots of messy fun.


So once you’ve unwrapped your Uni-Verse Surprise cloud, here’s what to do:

Uni-Verse Surprise Clouds ready to be dissolved in warm water to reveal unicorn and accessories
Get read to dissolve your Uni-Verse Surprise Cloud

Run a large bowl of warm water – preferably somewhere that it won’t spill over onto something precious. Bathroom floors and kitchen floors are probably the best place.

Dunk your emoji‐inspired rainbow cloud into the warm water and watch as it magically dissolves. You might need to give it some help.

The water will change colour – this is a tell tal sign of which Uni-Verse your surprise creature is from!

Hold tight – the water will then become a rather slimy kind of water, as you find little packets are revealed, containing your Unicorn friend and two accessories, and a Unicorn toot or tear to match with your new friend’s theme!

Uni-Verse Surprise Clouds ready to be dissolved in warm water to reveal unicorn and accessories colour of water tells which land they come from
Pay attention to the colour of the water – it tells of your Unicorn’s origins!


There are over 40 Unicorns to collect, and they live across the seven whimsical lands in the Uni-Verse – including Funtasyland, Sweet Treats Landing and Glam-a-Ganza Land. Uni-Verse unicorns exist in all different shapes and sizes, some with themes and super cool styles, some even have glow in the dark hair or can change colour. There are Unicorns which an interesting scent too! Just like us humans, there are unicorns which love sweet perfumes, and there are even Uni-Verse Uniorns which look like a scrumptious doughnut…and who have one floating in their tummy!

Inside the Uni-Verse Surprise clouds we found unicorns, scratch cards, accessories.
Three of our Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorns and their accessories.


Create your own unique combinations of Unicorns by mixing and matching the accessories. Who will you create? Where will they live? We have two from Sweet Treats Landing [the water was orange\yellow] and one from Pet Party Peak [water was blue and green].


Inside each packet is a cloud and instruction leaflet.

Inside each cloud, is a special scratch‐off unicorn bio card (use your unicorn’s hoof) to reveal and learn about its likes, dislikes, favourite foods and rarity level; and a collector poster.


They’re fun, but, well, at bit smelly. Ours reminded me of the smell of paint cans. That being said, they melted pretty instantly and the smell disappeared with the clouds into the water.

The slime. So the cloud melts into slime – like snail slime. It sticks to you pretty good and it’s hard to get off your hands so make sure you have the hand soap ready to go. I took the packets off the boys and snipped them out of the main plastic wrapping so that they could handle them without spreading the slime further.

Due to the slime, these aren’t a toy I’d recommend leaving your children alone to use – supervision is required if you don’t want to end up with slime everywhere.

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