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I had no idea what an ordeal eating could be until I became a mom.  From breastfeeding issues to weaning worries, I thought I had experienced it all…

…until Jensen decided that sitting at the table was not for him shortly after he turned seven months.  He hated the high chair, and remaining stationary to eat was alien to him.  We gave up on ever hoping to eat out and invites to the coffee shop with friends terrified me.  Whenever anyone suggested grabbing a bite to eat somewhere I actually became annoyed with them because of the stress it caused me – and somehow I felt they were totally unappreciative of my situation.
Like most things in childhood, the flighty stage passed and by the time he was three, we were sitting in Eddie’s eating hotdogs and fries and sharing a milkshake on our first date together.
At 20 months old, Lyoto was exposed to the Walt Disney World of dining in Florida.  We spent most of our time tracking him around eateries which were full of parents doing exactly the same – until we came across a family in 1900 Park Fare eating with their five children, all of whom were seated.  I stared open mouthed as a toddler and baby sat together and ate the food that their siblings did.  I wish I knew how she did it.
Lyoto is three now and he’s nearly there.  He still would prefer to run about rather than refuel and he’d live on pistachios and grapes with a side of crumpets if he could, but I have hope.  And my hope springs in the form of novelty cutlery and tableware.  It’s amazing what a little gimmick can do at mealtimes.  We’ve used jam jars, hosted tea parties, made food art – anything to entice and engage our middle child with the action at the table.
This week we found something that works wonders for at least five minutes a meal.  The Air Fork One seen pictured with Jensen here was sent to us by House of Fraser – and Lyoto [running about and not in these photos, naturally] can enjoy flying his food before it lands in his mouth.  The fork is rubbery and so getting hurt by the dodgy and turbulent flight path is less likely, and they love taking off at mealtimes with them.
Jensen is more serious about his eating now and has graduated to his own grown up Knuddel flatware below.  He’s very impressed to have a knife that actually cuts things and we’re hoping that Lyoto will want to be like his brother in time.  The set is amazing quality and weighty at £25.
Baby Hero has surprised us all and LOVES his high chair.  He will merrily sit for the entire mealtime with me and eat throughout.  I pray that it lasts because unlike the fear I felt with my bigger boys, I adore mealtimes with him, and look forward to eating.
If you have any tips on getting your little flight crew to remain in their seats at mealtime AND eat, please share them below, I’d love to hear them.

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  1. I think I'm a 'ride with it' mum as well. The boys have always made a stressful meal time for me… with the added whammy that for their dad they are absolutely perfect at the table with the cutlery in hand. Maybe just maybe they know they have mummy wrapped around their little fingers!

  2. We have been blessed with a really good eater. I do love these eating utensils though! I think they would really make a little boy happy about eating. We often used special mats that make my son excited to eat from and Thomas the Train plates that helped too! Thanks for sharing this special product though. Sure to make eating more entertaining for sure!

  3. First that is really cute and I can see how it would make meal time fun. I like you are trying really hard and it does get easier. Judging other Mom's is not something anyone should do. We all just survive the trials of parenthood with fuller hearts and a little less nerves haha 🙂

  4. These photos are so cute!! These look like great utensils for a young one!! My niece is young and learning how to eat. It's so cute to watch them go through different stages!! <3

  5. That Air Fork Once is a brilliant idea!! I remember when my daughter was a toddler and learning to use utensils, all she really wanted to do was eat with her hands…fun utensils really made all the difference! I will have to tell my sister about this, she has a baby but he will be eating before we know it!

  6. I hear yeah! I remember those days, my picky eater daughter gives me a hard time all the time when she was about 3 years old to 5. I have to play with her game so she has to eat.

  7. When my daughter was little she was a picky eater and I was so worried she wasn't getting enough nutrition but I also didn't want to force her in case of allergies. I read somewhere early on that kids will not like the foods they have an allergy to even if it is a small amount. So I worried for years until now she is 9 and loves fruits and veggies. She requests them so I would tell my younger self, Stop Stressing! lol

  8. I completely get where you are coming from! Even with our 2 kids, the oldest has been much different from the youngest. We do not frequent restaurants because as soon as our youngest is done eating, he wants to run around. So I do not find it relaxing. I also buy kids plates and silverware and it does seem to help keep him at the table longer! That Air Fork One is adorable. Would love to give it a try!

  9. We went through the same concerns. My then 2 year old didn't like sitting down to eat. I chalked it up to us not having an actual table to sit down at in our tiny apartment. He'd graze a little and walk off to play. I thought he was going to have seriously issues with it once he got to preschool 2 years later but his teacher says he does just great. It's good that you've found something that has helped the situation, it sure does make eating way cooler!

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