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Getting Lyoto to sit and eat at the table can be a huge challenge some days – and most days I won’t even waste my energy on it because, as a good friend of mine says, I don’t want to die on that mountain.  As long as he’s fed and watered, I know the stage will pass and it will be Hero’s turn.

There is ONE way to keep them all at the table though – a party lunch.  If I had more hours in the day, my boys would love a lunchtime party every day of the week.  We’ve done pirate lunches, superhero sandwiches…and it doesn’t have to be elaborate, just a little bit more special than, “here’s your dinner” on a boring plate, and they are as happy as bluebirds flying over the rainbow…which was the theme of this weekend’s little cupcake party that we worked on with Feather Grey Parties, a handmade party supplies company with the sweetest stationery – and you can win a set too!
Feather Grey are a party company dedicated to keeping things simple – meaning that everything you need for a fabulous party is right there on the site!  No trawling the web for days, no wondering which colours will complement each other – everything is catered for – and beautifully made.  Even the confetti balloons are filled by hand.
We set up a little sprinkles station, baked some chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel frosting, and the boys got to work.
Our favourites were the cupcake toppers.  We added some rainbow gift ribbon to them to make them extra colourful.
The finished creations.  Very delicious indeed.
After the sugar rush, the boys calmed down by colouring in little rainbow pictures too, which are now adorning the fridge.

Feather Grey even make co ordinating thank you cards and confetti, which I graciously received from the boys as a thank you for making the cupcakes.

We put the cupcakes into the party boxes as gifts for Granny, Grandad and Daddy, and the boys took one each out to the trampoline to party with.

Feather Grey are offering one lucky reader than chance to win invites, thank you cards and cupcake toppers to help your party off to a colourful start – just tell us below in the comments what your favourite celebration is and we’ll pick a winner next week!

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  1. I absolutely love those paint pallets. A really really clever way to do an activity like this.
    My favourite celebration is Christmas I think. It's a time we can all celebrate, all stuff our faces with cake and ALL open presents!!

  2. These products look very pretty – I especially like the confetti-filled balloons. My favourite celebration is Christmas because our whole extended family gets together at our house and it's lovely being together.

  3. This is extremely cute and colourful, I'd have one of these parties every week 🙂 My favourite celebration is Halloween, always has been. I love the spookiness and the chance to be creative with the party decorations and food.

  4. Absolutely awesome! I bet you're still basking in L&J's high! Our favourite celebration is Christmas- a truly family occasion.

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