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I’ve finally gotten around to posting the boys’ birthday party from a couple of years ago.  Timely, I know.  How I managed to miss it I’m not sure, but it was such a fun time that I decided to post it now anyway.  The party was, according to the boys, a YOSHI’S WOOLY WORLD AND MARIO BROS PARTY.  Yes, that’s how they referred to it.  In full.  Just like they call their friends with their first and last names.  The game Yoshi’s Wooly World had just been released and the boys were all over it.  We had a million little Yoshi bought ready for the party and it felt like my house was invaded with small dinos and balls of wool in the weeks leading up to it.

So, here are our memories from the Yoshi’s Wooly World and Mario Bros Party.  We created everything ourselves as it was impossible to find any tableware or party decorations of Mario in the colours we needed.  So, I bought some little pots and we filled them with popcorn and Smarties eggs, since they look like little Yoshi eggs.  I tied wool to the handles and made little labels to stick on.  This year we also got smarter and made tags that tied onto the drink bottles so that no one would lose their bottle or take someone else’s by mistake.


This year we also bought a helium cannister and the night before, Gav and I went over to the hall to set up and we blew up about 100 balloons.  I have a thing for balloons at parties – especially the big colourful ones, or foiled ones like the rainbow one we got this time.

On the dessert table we had, well, sugar.  Basically, lots of sugar.  Blue Whirlypops with Yoshi ribbon, chocolate cupcakes with lollipop toppers, rainbow sherbert in little tubes, and Rice Krispie treats dipped in white chocolate with sprinkles.

We made our own table tassel garland this year which was so easy to do, and we added Mario and Yoshi wall decorations to the tablecloth to make them themed for the boys. Chompers stood on the tables as balloon holders.

Our main tables looked like this, before the mad children storm came. Apples and moustache sandwiches tried to balance out the sugar rush.

We put crackers and crisps inside the little Mario and Peach boxes for everyone to take some.

yoshi's wooly world and mario bros party

For some reason there’s not one photo of the million Yoshi – but we had a little adoption shop. Everyone took a little basket below and went to see the boys’ cousin Dylan, to adopt a Yoshi in their favourite colour.

yoshi's wooly world and mario bros party

We had two cakes – you can see the second one in the background, “Fat Yoshi” as the boys called him.  He’s from the game too and they loved him.  Our main cake was themed around the game too, with my favourite little handbag crabs made in great detail.

yoshi's wooly world and mario bros party yoshi's wooly world and mario bros party yoshi's wooly world and mario bros party yoshi's wooly world and mario bros party yoshi's wooly world and mario bros party yoshi's wooly world and mario bros party yoshi's wooly world and mario bros party

My two little men were Mario and Luigi – Jensen took to wearing the moustache very well.  Apparently  it’s like Grandad Frank’s.

If you’re wondering where Hero was in all of this….He was right here, on Granny.  All through the party. Aww.

yoshi's wooly world and mario bros party

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  1. Love the boys outfits and the cake is amazing, but big wows to your creativity and making everything look so spectacular! It is all making me drool!! What an amazing party they must have had and a huge effort from you to do it

  2. Oh my word that’s the best looking party I’ve ever seen. You went to alot of trouble and it paid off. The table and all the decorations look amazing and those cakes are like works of art!

  3. You don’t do parties by halves do you -I always love your themed parties. Those cakes are wonderful. I love the lollipop cupcakes too! I hope you all had a fab day.

    Ami xxx

  4. Oh wow, some really great ideas here, thank you so much for sharing, its so much fun to have a themed party and alot of things in the shops to make it all exciting

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