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Disney Marvel Black Panther Disney Store The boys were over the moon today as a super huge box arrived from the super lovely people at the Disney Store.  They had absolutely no idea what was in the box – and still didn’t when I’d opened it.  Inside were some amazing gifts from the new Black Panther movie.  A new superhero for the boys to adore has come into our house!

The newest Superhero film since Thor: Ragnarok [let’s not forget my epic performance at the Walt Disney Company Hallowe’en Party], Black Panther is based on the Marvel Superhero of T’Challa, an Avenger who dresses as the sacred spirit of the Black Panther to fight crime.  If you saw Captain America: Civil War, you’ll have met him back then already.

 T’Challa [also king of Wakanda as well as Superhero Black Panther], returns home to Wakanda to take his place on the throne as the Wild King…and that’s as much as I’m giving away, especially as I only know what I’ve been told about the movie and don’t want to read too much myself before we see it! Black Panther ShopDisney.

So, we were sent the most amazing gifts to play with, which with the snowfall in Hampshire [unprecedented – we hardly ever get snow and we’ve never had this much snow – take a look on our Instagram!] 

This time I’ve taken one of the Black Panther ShopDisney gifts for me, haha.  You see that Black Panther bag on the right-hand side below?  It’s HUGE.  The face of the panther is moulded and flips down onto the bag to be zipped up and I love it.  This past weekend I used it to carry all of my scouting gear to the Beaver sleepover.  Many Beavers were coveting my bag.  Haha.

The most popular toy by far from our new collection has been the Black Panther gloves.  They velcro right up the top of their little arms and are motion activated with slashing metal sounds and battle noises.  There is an almighty kerfuffle going on constantly about who has had five minutes already with them.  They’re quite brilliant.

Gav has already been eyeing up the heat change Warrior mug.  It’s bigger than a normal mug and pretty cool and so he’s going to have to get up early if he wants to get his coffee in that mug before I reach the kitchen for my tea.

We also have the Black Panther mask which is solid and has an adjustable strap at the back and a foamy piece for resting on your nose.

The toy which has kept us most occupied is the Lego set – building our first ever Rhinoceros was great fun and the Super Heroes Lego is always brilliant to make.


The boys have decided that whilst the snow is here they’re mainly going to live out in the garden – here’s our Black Panther in action…

Disney Marvel Black Panther Disney Store

Disney Marvel Black Panther Disney Store

Disney Marvel Black Panther Disney Store

Thank you again to the Disney Store – we’ve had so much fun as always!

*We were gifted these items from the Disney Store with no obligation to mention or promote*

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  1. I loved Thor Ragnorak, it was so well done! Haven’t seen Black Panther, but it’s def on my to do list. This black panther game looks so fun!

  2. What a wonderful gift boxes of surprises. All new Disney films are eagerly awaited here, with two huge fans in the house – and that’s just the children x

  3. I loved Black Panther and have watched it s few times already. WOuld love to own some of these toys.

  4. I am still getting excited about Disney and Disney movies, even now that I’m 20. Ha ha! I love your article, i bet you had a really great time!

  5. Ooh we haven’t seen this yet either, my eldest is watching it with his friends and my youngest three aren’t interested just yet, but it sounds great! Gorgeous shots!

  6. That is a cool Black Panther mask! No wonder Black Panther team will be a hit this coming party seasons 😀

  7. Great finds from the store. I love purchasing disney items 🙂 I have my eye on a beauty and the beast purse right now.

  8. We love the movie so much. My children really want some of the toys. I don’t have a Disney Store near me, but I definitely need to look online.

  9. These are some pretty cool gifts if you like the Black Panther, from the Disney store. i really like the coffee mug. But I think if my daughter were to choose she would love the gloves or the mask. They are pretty cool.

  10. All of this Blank Panther merchandise is so cool! I have yet to see the movie but can not wait until I do.

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