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February in Hampshire is usually cold.  Cold, wet and windy.  Sometimes we even have snow.  This weather is not conducive to my birthday party daydreams I’ve had for our boys… Woodland picnics, Summer carnivals… none of this is possible unless his friends are all wearing clothing for adverse weather conditions, and even then it wouldn’t be pretty.

So, each year (with the exception of last year as we decided not to go ahead and instead save for Walt Disney World) we hire the local village hall, book some bouncy kind of play equipment, and invite some little friends to come and play.

Our first year we went for a Disney/Pixar “Up” theme, the second was Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and this year Disney’s Peter Pan (technically J.M Barrie’s, but Disney’s version).

This year, dressed as little Peter Pans, our boys had fun on a bouncy castle and slide with around 20 little people in the room as I tried so hard to capture a few moments for them in between catching up with old friends who had driven quite a way for their special occasion.

Lyoto was pretty happy with his Valentine codfish…and everything else on the dessert table.  He had no qualms about helping himself, licking frosting off a cupcake and leaving it for Dadda to find.  He even handed our cupcakes to his beloved Granny (just out of shot)…

Two birthday boys enjoyed some brotherly moments admiring their handiwork, and deciding which treat to eat next.There was more bouncing before lunch…

Soon it was time to blow out the candles on the cake Jensen so carefully designed…
…but not before Lyoto was up to his old Walt Disney World tricks of cake-mining….

Big brother guarded little brother from the flames.

Two brothers huffed and puffed their cheeks to make their birthday wishes.

A better vantage point was needed and Dadda stepped in.

Then it was time to eat it.

Dadda helped with the cutting of the cake…

…and as bigs and littles alike queued for a slice, soon it was nearly all gone!

We couldn’t write about the party without mentioning the two Peters’ cousin Kinkerbell (not Tinkerbell)…

…because these are cousins who are bestest friends already.

This was by far the best party ever.

There will be more photos on our Facebook page here this week.

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