Birthday Balloon Fun 2014… (Part I: Jensen Indiana)

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Each year since Jensen was born, I’ve bought one of those huge, three feet tall shiny helium filled numeral balloons.  Only last year did I think about using them for something more than just their parties, and so I decided to photograph them with their very-loved balloons so that when they’re 18, they can look back and see each year depicted with shiny helium happiness.  Sadly for Jensen his collection begins at 3 although we have the number 1 balloon in his memory box.
Last year, the wind was bitter and we headed to the local park.  This year the park is underwater due to the flooding we’ve had, and so we took ourselves, and Granny and Grandad who come down from the Midlands for the boys’ birthdays each year, to Dadda’s workplace.  There were places to hide from the wind and fewer people walking around.

Before I managed to get any of the boys, they sat with my parents so they could have a birthday photo to keep.  It was by chance that they were both looking happy as Lyoto was none too impressed with being asked to pose in the cold.

We then chased our littles around with the balloons and tried to convince them to smile in the wet and soggy grounds, all in the name of capturing memories. Jensen was by far the easiest.


Whilst he still hates to look at the camera (or Wall-E as we call the big lens), his looking away shots are so precious to me.


Finally I got this.  The kind of photo I would hate if I saw one of me doing the same thing.  Completely lost in the moment, pure laughter.

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