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Remember how I was talking about making small spaces work for big ideas? Well, our house is tiny – and our living space actually feels as though it shrinks a little every day as our boys grow.  The trouble is, we’re in Hampshire.  Our county plays host to some of the most expensive house prices in the country and whilst it’s beautiful here – and it is oh, so picture perfect here with our beaches and forests – there’s also very little chance of moving to a larger house in the near future.  It’s ridiculous. conservatory

As I’m actually feeling the squeeze of us all in here at the moment I’ve started to think about a conservatory.  We have the space in our back garden, our next-door-but-one-neighbour already has one – and although I’ve seen some hideous ones, there are also some very un-conservatory-like gorgeous buildings out there.  It turns out that they do not need to be greenhouses stuck to the side of your house after all.

tiled roof conservatory

I’ve fallen in love with the idea now of a tiled roof conservatory.  If you’re as confused as I am, take a peek.  They look like extensions to your house as opposed to the full glass conservatories that I’d never buy because although I absolutely would love to look at the stars whilst snuggled up in the warmth every night, I’m also quite sure that the persistent need to clean moss and other debris [read: bird poop] off the top would be something that would never get done in our household.  It would resemble the rooftop of Peppa Pig World’s indoor play centre, if you’ve ever been there [the roof has gardeners].

So now I’m thinking of how lovely it would be to have extra space and not need to up sticks and head somewhere else that we can’t afford – and I’m pretty sure the boys would love to play out in a conservatory too.  The idea of a conservatory that looks like it’s part of the house is far more appealing and a realistic possibility for gaining us more living space.  I’d love to hear from anyone who’s had one of these kinds of conservatories – or any at all really.  Have they made a huge difference to your quality of living?

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