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“Nothing.” is not the inspirational answer I hope for each time I ask the mister what he would like for any special occasion…but it’s the one I get, anyway.

Buying for him really makes me wish that the phrase, “it’s the thought that counts” was a reality, because if it did, the gifts he eventually receives would be worth thousands. Millions even.  Or if you ask Jensen, a hundred million thousand.

On Father’s Day, tradition has been to send the boys to a well known store where everything has the same low price tag with a £5 note and give them free rein for Father’s Day.  Delights over the past 4 years have included a finger skateboard, a red, white and blue piece of tinsel, a microphone and a plastic horse.  All of these bar one [can you guess which one?] have found their way into a landfill somewhere and although it’s fun seeing what they come up with, I try and find some meaningful gift – a ‘keeper’ – that he will actually appreciate.

Alas, when your husband’s hobbies are jiu jitsu, watching jiu jitsu and reading about jiu jitsu, there are only so many unique gifts that you can buy – and he prefers practical gifts – which limits our choices even further.

So, this year we decided to have a really good think about it, and him.

The phrase he most often uses around the boys at the moment is, “you know the rules”.  This is obviously because the two sons who are capable of mischief with intent [that is, with mens rea if you want to get all technical and lawyery about it] as opposed to the son who is innocently causing chaos, are flouting, pushing and testing every boundary we’ve put in place at home.   So I had a brainwave.  We’d make some rules.

The boys and I worked together to come up with our Jones Family Rules.  Once I cropped and resized everything in Photoshop, we decided on a large canvas from Truprint – and we uploaded our print.  It took two minutes on full size upload, then we checked the preview [I always worry about this part] and pressed order.

Instead of trawling the shops, we have a beautiful, customised, personalised, quality gift for Daddy.  The boys were very excited when it arrived and we headed down to the forest to capture a photo of it.

We can’t wait for his face on Father’s Day.  Now there’s no excuse for the boys not to know the rules – and he has a gorgeous gift hanging proudly in our home.  Thank you, Truprint!

If you’re wondering what to make for the Father[s] in your life, Truprint have a brilliant range of Father’s Day gifts.  So, what rules would you include for your home?

We were gifted the canvas in return for this post.


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