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I used to believe that for flowers to take my breath away, they had to be pink, long stemmed and heavily scented.  When I opened the chic, understated box from Wildflowers Company this month, I completely fell in love.  The simple combination of white blooms with green foliage made me so giddy I actually squealed to myself as I lifted them from their packaging.

I’ve loved white flowers since I first started watching Sex and the City – I recall seeing Charlotte’s exquisite white floral arrangements in her apartment, and then seeking to recreate them with no skill whatsoever, and a few bunches of chrysanthemums and dahlias in my room [on top of the 5 foot glass hamster tank, home to 24 furry residents] on the night that my boyfriend [now husband] was first coming to see my family home and meet my parents.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve loved white more and more – which is probably a huge mistake given that I have three boys, but still I endeavour to dress them in white, buy white household furnishings and decor, despite the mister warning me against it and shaking his head in the background.
There’s just something about white simplicity – I can’t help myself.   What’s your favourite floral?

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  1. I wish I used flowers more around my house. I agree there is something calming and beautiful about having fresh cut flowers at home. It really does brighten any room – making it feel elegant and cozy!

  2. Those are beautiful! I love out of the ordinary arrangements. I often find myself gathering wild flowers and putting them in a vase. I need to check out this website.

  3. Fresh Flowers are my absolute favorite. My husband surprises me with them often and I love him so much more for it! They always change a room and bring so much color! – – jeanine

  4. I have really bad allergies so most flowers are a no-go for me, but I absolutely love carnations. They smell beautiful without making me feel like a puffy, runny-nosed monster! I used red and white carnations for my wedding 🙂

  5. I wish I could have white flowers and white furniture in my house but it's so hard with kids. I love the crisp, clean look of all white but I guess that will have to wait till there are no children in the house!

  6. I'm learning to find beauty in the arrangement, not just the flowers themselves. I would love to find a great mix. I'm not good with flower names, but I'm loving using more than just roses.

  7. I used to love bold colors a lot, but now, I so love white as well – white roses, white tulips, white bed sheets, white curtains, etc. It is simple and looks so clean and refreshing. 🙂

  8. There;s nothing like a fresh bouquet of flowers to brighten a room. My favorites are wild lilacs, so whenever they're in season I love picking them to put in my vase. The scent is just wonderful!

  9. Those flowers are so beautiful, they have such a whimsical feel to them. I am always getting fresh blooms for my house so I'd love a bunch like this.

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